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    Default Hi Im Uncle Dong

    Hi Im Uncle Dong
    Everyone calls me Dong
    Im a DL PC gamer not very open about it though. Im very good with computers like building fixing ect. If it matters im a straight guy.
    Im a very understanding person and i prefer to listen than speak

    Im not diapered and wont be until i find myself a job which sucks.
    If i did have money i would 24/7 wear Snuggies or now known as Tykables.
    Thanks Kimberly Clark

    Also i like to make music in my free time

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    Hi and welcome Dong! I'm not very good at games either. You make music? Do you play any instruments?

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    Dont play instruments. I use FL studio to make my music

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    That's cool. I was just asking as many members here play musical instruments.

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