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Thread: Help me shop for a stranger

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    Default Help me shop for a stranger

    Hey guys, I'm buying some Christmas presents for a local kid from a low income family, so I thought I'd ask for your help finding reasonably priced stuff. Her wish list is right here.

    As far as budget, my max would probably be $50 or so, and I'd like to hit most of the list items if possible. Anyway, thanks for the assistance!

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    Looking at your list, I'd start at a goodwill store. Then maybe hit a low price clothing store. That should see you stick within your budget.

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    Also garage sales have a lot of affordable items. If you live in the states there are stores like Big Lots and the Dollar Store which may have a few inexpensive items as well.

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    I probably should've mentioned, it isn't supposed to be second-hand stuff.

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    Well, like I said, there are dollar stores if you want to get a lot of the items. Otherwise, maybe just get one or two nice items? Also, look at the clearance racks at the department stores. I saw summer clothes 70% off two weeks ago at Kohl's.

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    Last year around Christmastime I think I saw kids' pajama sets at Walmart for around $5, if that's any help.

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    (On my phone and the wish list won't open) That being said, here we have a couple of discount stores where they basically relabel products you'd see at Walmart for triple the price and sell it at their stores for a huge discount. You can also get decent prices on clothing for kids this time of year at Walmart depending on her age. You can never go wrong with the basics; a warm pair of pjs, a stuffed animal or two, some coloring books, stuff to help her imagination grow.

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    You should check for a store in your area called Dirt Cheap. They are a retailer in areas that take in discontinued items, refurbished items, returns, and over stocks from local stores and offer them at a significantly cheaper price.

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