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    I am not sure if this location is the "correct" area to place this. If it is not, then please do move it to a more appropriate location; somehow, I felt like placing such in the "Announcements" section would be an exercise in egotism and nothing more. Anyway...


    At approximately 0420 this morning, I asked Lukie in the IRC channel to ban me, i.e. at my own request. After some hesitation, he oblidged.

    I would like to state that, unlike on previous occasions when I may have advocated an attributed stance of "isolation" to the actions of another person or persons, in this instance, such is inapplicable. In essence, i'm not blaming anyone.

    Additionally, I would be grateful if this thread is not perceived as a plea for sympathy. Despite some believing sympathy and/or pity to be useful to the individual(s) concerned, such emotions only serve to appease feelings held by the person "giving" such sympathy and/or pity. And in any case, I would like to believe i'm not quite that pathetic.


    Right, 'enuff waffling.

    At the moment, i'm quite possibly not psychollogically stable. Things are about as bad for me at the moment as they could possibly be, short of death. I am about to be evicted because someone I once called a friend has not paid any rent for this entire year and does not intend to, despite him fraudulently obtaining money from myself in respect of my "share" under the guise of such money being used for such a purpose.

    My health, haha. It's better than I don't even go there, suffice to say that a few months ago I was walking unaided.

    Consequently, things just do not "add up" and I cannot, no matter how hard I try, cause them to "add up", psychologically. I have noticed recently that in the two IRC channels I regularly participate, that I have been conversing mostly sporadic distribes of non-sensical rubbish. If this is not the case, I apologise - maybe such should be taken as an indication as to how "screwed up" I am at the moment.

    As a result, I feel it beneficial that I don't participate in either of these two IRC channels, one of which is #adisc. I feel that I shall "say" something truly retarded and just cause more problems, quite possibly moreso to myself than anyone else present.

    Direct interaction with people doesn't seem like such a good idea right now. Whilst I shall remain on the forum, I don't think i'll be posting too much. In any case, i'm awaiting an imminent hospital admission for an investigation into my current health situation, or lack of health more accurately, during which time I shall somewhat obviously have no internet access.

    Finally, I apologise if this distresses or annoys anyone. I have attempted to explain in the best way that I am aware. If it seems non-sensical, I apologise again similarly.

    Please do not consider this a personal attack on anyone, it isn't. Some people I have met in real-life from this forum have been helpful, kind and supportive.

    I guess I shall be back if I get through this, at some point, but to paraphrase an old quote "don't hold your breath".


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    All the best.

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    I know how it is with health things, man, it's tough stuff. But we're here for you just remember that.

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    Hope things sort out to the good. For what it's worth, your post made perfect sense, I'm just sorry that things came to a point where you thought it necessary.

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    I hope the doctors (those with a medical degree!) are able to figure out what's causing all those problems and find a treatment...quickly!

    Get well soon!


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    Update [as it seems right to do so]...

    Things appear to be improving gradually on the medical side of things; after many telephone calls to three different hospital extensions (some of which seemed desperate to connect me to a fax machine.... grrr) I have finally attained a bed at the neuro assesment unit on Tuesday, at the Leicester General.

    Quite what will happen to me there i'm unsure of, aside from the obligatory blood tests, poking/proding and CT/MRI scans i'm used to by now. The hopeful part of me believes that this will lead to some sort of remedy, even if it is merely stabilising whatever is going wrong. The other side of me wonders what will happen next.

    Little has changed on the housing front unfortunately. It looks like i'll still have to go to court to try and attain an extension for as long as possible. Quite what will happen if i'm still in hospital on such a date is as of yet, unknown!

    Thanks to the people who have replied here. It is appreciated. *Hugs*

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    Stick with the hopeful part.

    I know you'll get better.

    If you've got nothing better to do for a little bit, why not buy this book?

    The Secret

    It's a little hard to believe -- I'm still having trouble getting into it --, but there are quite a few parts that make a lot of sense to me.

    Like I said, if you've nothing better to do...

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    Hey Markdude,

    I'm really sorry to hear about your health problems, and I can completely sympathize with you there, although I'm not in a wheelchair yet, it's a definite possibility in my future if things continue the way they are. (Hopefully a long way off though).

    The problems with your housing are unfortunate, but you can work around it. I wouldn't trust another person to help you with your financial stuff though, unless you can truly trust them, or if you have some sort of a legal agreement that outlines just what they can and can't do for or to you. That's just to protect you and your rights and your property if necessary.

    Have you considered contacting a lawyer over this? And do you have any family that can help you? I'm not familiar with your personal situation, I've only just read your postings here, but your family could and should help you with this. It almost sounds like you've been abandoned by them all. I hope that's not the case.

    If I may ask, what health problems are you having that has caused you to be wheelchair bound? If you would rather not post that here, I understand, maybe you could PM me if it's something you can talk about. I'll also understand if you don't wish to discuss it at all. Forgive me for asking in that case.

    I hope you get some answers while you're in the hospital, and even some hope of recovery. Good luck to you, my prayers are with you.


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