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Thread: the REAL deate (pirates vs ninjas)

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    Default the REAL deate (pirates vs ninjas)

    yeh you heard me. its yet ANOTHER pirates vs ninjas debate...

    BUT before we dive into the fray that is, a pirates vs ninjas debate let me explain the thread first.

    the MAIN purpose of this thread is a debate on WHO WOULD WIN, pirates, or ninjas. and unlike many other threads and arguements you see at places like wai-con, animania and comicon, this is desgned to be a more MATURE debate on the subject... i.e making opinions regaring numbers, equiptment fighting terrain, worldly distribution (for the side of the ninjas you CAN include people like the arabic hashashim or european assasins/theives/spys).

    and PLEASE TRY to keep the anime references to a minimum, unless the anime/ movie has them in a more realistic light. or if certain parts of the anime movie are more realistically portrayed than others please state your opinion on this hing and how it relates to either side..

    and lastly.. this is a DISCUSSION style debate so that means you can argue for or against one side or another but if our going to be nagative about a certain side.. be cordial (polite)

    now with all that out of the way... LET THE DUEL BEGIN

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    They would all die from machine gun steampunk mega Lincoln!

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    Not enough info- are we on Pirate territroy or Ninja territory? Ship or on land?

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    Ninjas are way more trained and a lot more disciplined. It's not a question if they'd win more how quickly.

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    Ya, but pirates can fight on land AND water, ninjas have better chances on land, but not on water. Pirates are a doubled edge sword.

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    Ninjas... I mean just look, They are trained to kill in the shadow's they have smoke bombs so even if they got caught all they need to do is throw one and hide in the darkness then one after one take out the pirates before the pirates even notice they are dead!

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    Darksun that image is not appropriate!

    This is better

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScubaSteve View Post
    Darksun that image is not appropriate!

    This is better

    :whs0be: :thumbup:

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