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Thread: I Finally Bought My First Nappies

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    Talking I Finally Bought My First Nappies

    So, yeah. I finally did it, I bought my first real nappies today. I just walked into Boots, picked out a package (Depend Absorbent Underwear For Men - Super S/M, to be precise). I kept them in my messenger bag the whole day at college. I'm wearing my first one right now - wet - and it feels amazing! I'm gonna go back next week and get another package SO HAPPY!

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    Lucky you :3 I haven't been there myself yet, but I'll be moving out soon, so hopefully won't be long before I get around to getting some as well. ^^
    Glad you're enjoying it.

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    Thanks SnowballFox, I'm actually still living with my parents (I even wore the nappy around them, while wet!) It's worth the wait, trust me.

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    Nicely done! Have to get some thicker ones for next time :-p

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    Exhilarating experience for sure!

    There are much better diapers available online.

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    Thanks Chris1987, I think I'll head back in on Monday and see if I can get some thicker ones. These are pretty good and were REALLY cheap (5.70 for a pack of 10). But I think I spotted some night-time protection ones as well, if there are none of those I'll just get the Tena Pants Plus/Maxi.

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    good plan, hope you enjoy your nappies tonight!

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    Thanks LittleICme, I considered that but it's WAY more expensive and riskier. I might do that at some point but only once in a blue moon.

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