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Thread: Best time of the year!

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    Thumbs up Best time of the year!

    Finally! Its cold enough to sleep in my onesie without it being too damn hot! Anyone else with the same experience?

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    Footed PJ season! Footed PJ season! Footed PJ season! Yay! Sorry, I haven't a onesie.

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    Yep. Pulled mine out last weekend...only to find out it's now too short. I'm going to pick out a new one when I do my first Christmas present order. I absolutely adore footed sleepers, especially with a diaper on.
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    Yes, I LOVE this time of year! I've always acted like a child this time a year. I dance around to the music, I set up the Christmas tree! I buy present for my parents to give to me, just so I have more than a couple things to open! This is the one part of the year I don't hide who I am. At least as much.

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    I've been waiting for the temperature to drop a bit more, living in central Virginia. It's supposed to get down into the 20s in a couple of nights, so maybe then I'll get out my footie jammies. I'm also looking forward to Thanksgiving and then decorating the house for Christmas. I've already been playing my Winter Solstice cd's.

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    yah I think it time for me to get my skies out and go for some runs soon. my ski pants hid my diaper well.

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    Meanwhile downunder we just melted through three 35c/95f + days in a row, one of which hit 40c... Wish I could chase winter all year round

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    Quote Originally Posted by LectroGoesRawr View Post
    Meanwhile downunder we just melted through three 35c/95f + days in a row, one of which hit 40c... Wish I could chase winter all year round
    Yep, sadly getting too warm to wear mine on most nights now. If I go to sleep without any blankets, just the sleeper, it's oků just.

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    Oh... give me 35C every day! This is ridiculous! It was 4C in my bedroom last night!

    I started up the central heating for the first time this morning. It's been on for four hours and it's still only 12C in my room and 16C downstairs. My fingers are blue! The house feels damp too... I HATE winter!

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