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Thread: Thick thighs leading to suboptimal fit on diapers and waddling

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    Default Thick thighs leading to suboptimal fit on diapers and waddling


    According to BMI I am a few pounds below being overweight, therefore I guess you could say I am a high "normal" weight. However I guess you could describe my thighs as being fairly thick, maybe even a bit disproportional when compared to the little fat I have.

    Issue 1
    This has led to many M-size diapers having a subpar fit. Especially the bottom tapes barely (by a few inches) reach the wings of the diaper, while the upper tapes do attach nearer to the middle of the diaper. I have tried some L-sized diapers for brands where the M-size is smaller than average, but those were way too large. They would barely fit properly, even if I used them for double or triple diapering purposes.

    Issue 2
    I think my thick thighs make me waddle even in relatively thin diapers, if the diapers are of the firmer type. This has inhibited me several times when I decided to try to wear diapers for several days at a time. I either got frustrated and aborted the project or I feel that I became too sedentary.

    Does anyone have any experience with these issues? Googling did not turn up much info.

    I am in the process of shedding a few more pounds - so that I am in the middle range of the normal weight-category. It seems that my highs are the last hold out of fat, so I hope that they might become slightly slimmer, but if there is anything else I can do, I would love to know it. Especially as I would like to wear diapers more often during the day - and stay active while doing it!

    - Tom

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    You might be screwed :/
    I had 72cm thighs, and I'm fairly overweight (standard beer belly)
    Last year, I lost 9KG, and my thighs increased to 74cm - my leg press is up to ~250KG

    You might find that cloth diapers are the way to go, as they are easier to get non-custom fitting.

    Something I have seen, is people taping the top tapes down over the lower tapes, and crossing them over - Believe Abena had a v

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    On the wings (the front wings) take a scissors and at the bottom cut out an inch or so of plastic to give your thighs more room. This will also allow you to get the bottom tapes in closer.

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    I had larger thighs for a while and had to find diapers that fit me correctly. I went with a larger size to allow the tapes to fit right. Dry 24/7 diapers in size medium fit me well because they are sized larger than most brands. Not sure what European brand would work for you.

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    For me, I just got large or x-large. Luckily with the case of waddling, I have a leg that is an inch or so longer than the other so people don't tend to notice my odd walk as much, even when i'm wearing up to four!

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