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    The holiday season is my favorite time of year, as I'm sure it is for a lot of you. It's getting to that time to start Christmas shopping (yes, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet but bear with me).

    While I've rarely done this, ordering Christmas gifts online is easy and convenient. That got me thinking. For all you guys who live at home or with roomies, the combination of packages starting to come into the home and less suspicious roommates makes for a great opportunity to order diapers or other ABDL stuff online. You could pretty easily pass it off by saying, "I'm going to get some packages in the mail and they're Christmas gifts," or something like that.


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    I have thought of this as well and it will work but careful who you say the presents are for. If you say they're for your parents, you better have some presents about the same size - or enough to fill up a box that size - for them. If you say they're for friends and they ask what you got them, you better have an answer and maybe even some presents you already bought to show them. Finally, when getting a case of diapers, as always, make you have a hiding place big enough to hide them all.l

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    I used a similar strategy in September. Bought my mother a DVD for her birthday from Amazon and had diapers shipped along. Told my parents it was a birthday gift and comic books. Worked fine.

    Of course, it's not 100% foolproof, but if your roommates aren't too nosy it would probably work. Just be careful of situations like perhaps, you say they're gifts for family members, and your roommates ask to see them. Maybe you could buy those gifts ahead of time and stash them away without anyone seeing, and pull them out if they ask. (If you wanted to take it to another level of security you could buy things that look like they might have arrived in the packages sent - like clothes if you bought a onesie and it came in an envelope. But that might not be necessary if your roommates aren't particularly attentive people - my mother never asked me exactly how many comic books I ordered to require such a big box from Amazon )

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