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    Hi there.
    New to forums, although I have started posting.

    Diagnosed with diabetes and plagued by over active bladder with urgency incontinence issues. I am not overweight and don't have other nerve issues.
    Currently working with doctors to diagnose, but have turned to diapers to prevent accidents.

    I find diapers simple, effective, convenient, comfortable, and discrete protection to prevent embarrassing leakage, and reduce worry, anxiety, and stress related to bladder urgency and frequency.

    I have tried a lot of products and prefer a plastic backed taped diaper and currently use Total Dry Plus during the day and a Abena M4 during the night.

    My girlfriend is wonderful and knows I have turned to diapers for protection. I keep it discrete and take care of myself. I have begun the process of telling select immediate family of my OAB/UI related to medical issues, primarily on a need to know basis.

    Frankly, most people don't share what kind of underpants they wear. In conversation it mostly affects me becuase just about everyone asks, "How are you doing?" I usually reply, "great" but to some I divulge a bit more and indicate, "I am having some bladder issues, and I have to watch my diet" and leave it at that. I have found those that I have told don't usually press further inquiry.

    OK, so that's a bit about me
    Looking forward to adding to the discussion here.
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    Looks like you have been active and just wanted to do an introduction.

    With 24 post and EC+ I think you are doing fine.

    So welcome to the group.


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    Yes, welcome. I'm sorry you've had so many serious health problems. My wife is type I diabetic. We do home dialysis and she is on the machine as I type this. I'm glad that your health is stable. It sounds like you are one of the lucky ones in that regard.

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    I try not to let it slow me down.
    Happy to be here.

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    Welcome LittelCme. Sorry to hear about your relationship breakdown but glad things seem to be working out for you.

    Kind regards MWHE

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