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Thread: I'm not a Lurker!

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    Hello, I've been a bystander (officially classed a 'lurker' by Moo (Oops, off to a bad start!)) but with a pretty unremarkable story to tell have not introduced myself till now.

    I'm married (coming on for 20 years) with children. Earlier this year I finally opened up to my wife that I have, since 10 been an ABDL. It was a traumatic experience (for both of us).

    I wasn't sure how she would react. I love her very dearly and didn't want to risk losing her. However I concluded I have lived a lie for nigh on 37 years and it was time the truth came out.
    Whilst naturally shocked and somewhat bewildered she has been very compassionate and understanding.

    I am private person and don't flaunt it but now wear every night (I'm lucky - every night's a Friday night for me. ;-)).

    Strangely I feel much more at peace with myself as if am emotional part of the jigsaw puzzle has been finally put into place and, whilst I initially came out as a DL, as time goes on I am increasingly discovering the AB inside me.

    I have so many questions to ask - after all who wouldn't after 37 years of thinking that I was the only 'ABDL in the village' (you've guessed it I'm from Little Britain) but this forum is a great way of exploring other's journeys with a hope that in time I will be able to make a meaningful contribution.

    Kind regards MWHE

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    Welcome to the group - always nice to see a fellow Londoner. Great introduction by the way!

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