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Thread: Holy ****

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    Holy crap! You're right.
    Wow, this might force me to order them, although I don't know how I would deal with the delivery or hiding a whole case, that's still an awesome deal!

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    Oh my god, that's what I would pay for 3.6 packs of Tena Slip Medium (9 per pack) :O Good deal

    PS: Tena Classic seem to be the same as Tena Slip in Mexico.

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    That's a damn good deal. Good find, DT.
    Now to get some cash and find a local UPS store...

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    But no small?
    Ah, well. Couldn't order them anyway.
    Good find, though.

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    to bad there not Tena Maxi Small,they would have fit me if they were :P

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    I personally don't like Tenas that much so I wouldn't pay for them.

    Inky do you know what kind of taped briefs are on that site? I might look into that..

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