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Thread: Has my "mommy" been infront of me this whole time?

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    Question Has my "mommy" been infront of me this whole time?

    I'm an adult little, and my best friend of many years sort of knows. She's a caring person and calls me sweetie and hun alot, and one night we were just asking each other random questions from tumblr and she said she would rather be a parent than a toddler for the day.

    Night goes on and I was drunk, she had only had a little. But we go to my room and we sit on the small couch. I'm leaning on her with my eyes closed so she says lets put you to bed. So I get up and walk like 2 feet and get into bed. At this point I'm too drunk to care, I get my paci out as I sleep with it and my iron man teddy. She says "is that a pacifier" I say yes and hide it a little. She says its ok so I put it in my mouth and lay down. after 10 minutes I half sit up and look over to her nearly crying still holding my iron man and sucking on my paci. She asks me if I want to come and sit with her. So I get up and half crawl across my bed to the couch. I curl up next to her and yawn, my paci falls out, she immediately picked it up and just put it back in. She then moved me to my bed and she sat on it with me stroking my hair as I made quiet baby noises through my paci. Then she changed from watching futurama to phineas and ferb (which I love).

    So yeah... I dont know where to go from here I'd love to do it again and she has no problems with weird fetishes although I don't consider what I'm doing a fetish as I experience no sexual arousal when little.

    So I suppose my question is what do I do? do I ask her? I really don't want to lose our friendship. We have talked not about that night but she seems fine, as does our friendship.... so any advice would be appreciated

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    I found myself in much the same situation about a year ago, and happily I acted on it. The lady who is babysitting me is phenomenal! Try asking your friend to put you to bed, and see where she wants to take it. I took about six months to work up the nerve to ask my friend, but it was worthwhile when I did. Best wishes!

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    You could just say you enjoyed what you did the last time she visited and could the two of you do it again.

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    Sounds pretty promising to me. I think you let it go from wherever you left off after your discussion with her about it, and not hope for anything more. Try and keep the kink side out of it, which i'm guessing that you won't have much a problem with, and maybe introduce that a while down the line if you start building a romantic relationship. The kink side is probably the more difficult side to accept. The fact that she was really cool with it (and wasn't really that drunk) shows that she is probably happy to be a part of it, or at least accept your little side. Let her get to know your little side if she is interested, and if she stops showing interest, then just don't make it look like you are becoming dependent on her.

    Now that it is out though, you really don't have much reason to try and hide it from her, this is something that is a part of you, and if you have a moment that you need to have your bear with you or something, then just naturally go grab it, that doesn't mean she has to be involved, that just means you are letting your little side out a bit because it needs to come out. I have friends that know about my little side, and they don't usually take much part in it, if at all, but I still have my stuffed animals around them sometimes, and they don't have a problem with it. Just don't try to push anything on them that makes them feel responsible and involved if they don't show an interest in it, or a curiosity.

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