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    Hello all, and thank you for your comments and contribution to my diaper research!!

    I began my hunt at the beginning of the summer of 2015 to find what I define as "the best diaper". Now keep in mind that I do enjoy cute printed diapers, I like them to be thick, bulky, and highly absorbent.

    As the diaper market is always evolving, and as you all probably know there are countless hidden gems on the internet I ask that you PLEASE comment with your opinions / any worthy diapers so that we may all expand our horizons.

    I have complied a list of the top 10 diapers on the market today, the ranking being defined by my definition above. All ratings are on the (1-10) scale, 1 being the worst, 10 the best.

    10. Abena M4 - The Abena M4 is a great diaper, but the main issue I have with it is that there is no tape landing zone, i find it is very easy to rip the front of the diaper when re-fastening the tapes.
    Comfort: 8
    Absorbency: 7
    Tapes: 3
    Fit: 8

    9. Cuddlz - Cuddlz makes very cute diapers, but I would say they are more of a diaper for show. They are moderately absorbent, i definitely had leakage problems, and the tapes are average.
    Comfort: 7
    Absorbency : 5
    Tapes: 6
    Fit: 6

    8. The Tena Slip Maxi - I would rank this diaper towards the top but it is not incredibly thick, i do like the purple design, but the absorbency isn't quite on par with the most absorbent on the market. By my definition it is #8, by most definitions it is top 3.
    Comfort: 9
    Absorbency: 6
    Tapes: 8
    Fit: 7

    7. The Fabine - Fabine diapers have an odd design, but i definitely enjoy the color scheme, they are moderately absorbent, somewhat thick, and the tapes work rather well. European diapers are always frustrating to get your hands on in North America, but these would be worth the purchase.
    Comfort: 9
    Absorbency: 8
    Tapes: 8
    Fit: 8

    6. Belissimo - The Bambino Belissimo is a benchmark diaper that changed the industry in my opinion. It fits well, is absorbent, and the design kind of annoys me. If i had to i could wear these for a long time and am confident they wouldn't leak until my mommy had a chance to change me.
    Comfort : 9
    Absorbency: 9
    Tapes: 9
    Fit: 9

    5. AwwSoCute - ASC Diapers look and feel great, as you have noticed by now there is a somewhat slim margin for variation within my definition for ranking, but these diapers are great! The only thing is that ASC doesn't sell in bulk nor do free shipping.
    Comfort : 8
    Absorbancy : 9
    Tapes: 9
    Fit : 10

    4. Tykables - My only comment needed on this diaper would be the amount it swells, By my thickness, absorbency, and cuteness definition. this diaper is great. I wish the leak guards were slightly better.
    Comfort: 7
    Absorbency: 10
    Tapes: 9
    Fit: 8

    3.ABU Space - ABU Space probably is the best diaper on the market, however I'm not sure if its just me, but I've woken up to mommy in the morning after sleeping on my side or stomach with wet pants / sheets. I think the fit might just be slightly awkward for me. (5'10" 140 lbs, 31" Waist). But aside from that, if you can keep it in the diaper the absorbancy is the best on the market and it is very thick. The space design is kind of lame in my opinion but that is a subjective evaluation.
    Comfort: 9
    Tapes: 10++ (best on the market)
    Fit: 6
    Absorbency: 10

    2. Rearz - Rearz makes GREAT diapers, they are overpriced but I wore them all summer as a tour-guide and did not regret it. They are thick, fit well, and very absorbent. Their one downfall is the tapes, I've never had tapes stick on the front panel but then break off the back. If rearz can manage to fix that they might have the best diaper I've found to date.
    Comfort: 10
    Absorbency: 10
    Fit: 10
    Tapes: 5

    1. Comficare - Comficare is currently making a transition to better dry, but these diapers are thick and incredibly absorbent, the tapes are perfect and can hold a lot of weight and the fit is snug and I've never had a leak. Crinklz diapers (their sister diaper) are the cutest on the market. Overall Given the opportunity i would wear this brand for the rest of my life.
    Rating: 10's Across the board.

    As always everybody please comment with anything i left out and your own opinions! Help me find more thick absorbent diapers! I really appreciate all of you!!

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    I think you've confused absorbency with capacity. If you use the term absorbency, you are talking about acquisition rate, the speed of how fast the diaper absorbs.

    The fit rating is pretty subjective. I find the Space diapers fitting fine. I think you should try tweaking the way you tape up the diaper. I'm also on the lower side of the large size (36"-46") I'm at 38 inches.

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