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Thread: One Kind of Diaper for the Rest of your life...

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    Default One Kind of Diaper for the Rest of your life...

    If you could only wear one kind of diaper for the rest of your life, what kind would it be and why?

    (Trying to do some research and want to thank you all in advance!)

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    For me, it's the Abena M4. I've tried several brands, but this one is the one that I think fits me the best, holds a lot, isn't too bulky and financially reasonable. Definitely would have no problems sticking to this one forever. I also like the tapes that allow for a 're-do' with another tape to allow for a better fit.

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    Probably Northshore Supremes they are thick, thirsty, and reasonably priced

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    Tough question- I have so many beloved diapers, to pick just one is painful. It's not my sentimental favorite, or the thickest, certainly not the cutest diaper . . . But the answer is easy. The Abena M-4 (original plastic-backed, of course) īs unquestionably the overall best diaper ever made.

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    Abena M4. I have tried almost every adult diaper available (not including AB/DL style ones) and nothing works better for me than the M4.

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    For me its have to be the new ABU Space diapers. By far the best diaper I've ever worn, including hundreds of vintage baby diapers. If I've only got one kind of diaper left in my collection - hands down: ABU Space is ready for liftoff!

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    I'm also with Abena M4. I may change my mind once I try the space diaper, but haven't ordered them yet

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    Well if they were guaranteed to fit me for the rest of my life I would wear goodnites. I love pullups. But seeing they probably won't I will take ABU Space Diapers. I love the design and the absorbancy is out of this world (Pun intended �� )

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    Currently, it would be the Space Diaper, or a white version if that comes out.

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