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Thread: Taking a leap like I've never done before

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    Default Taking a leap like I've never done before

    Ok, so I've been an abdl since I was 18, so I've been an abdl for 19 years now. I've kept it pretty much under wraps. My mom and a few friends know, that's it.

    In the last several years I have decided to wear when I am traveling, almost every day on vacations and road trips. Recently in the last year or two I've found myself in situations where I have been in urgent need of the bathroom away from home, both bowel and bladder; having a messy accident once when I could not get to a bathroom soon enough.

    I should say I have had spinal problems with pinched nerves in my lumbar region, arthritis in my lumbar region, and found to have a mild spina bifida when I had an MRI prior to my back surgery in 2012 for a pinched nerve.

    Next week I'm going to be going with my mom and her church group on a trip. I do plan on being diapered the whole time and have shipped diapers ahead for the trip as well as have some packed in my bag.

    My question is, if anybody says anything should I just give the whole "I have incontinence issues and would rather be safe than sorry" and leave it at that.?

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    why not noone can say anything about it then i doubt anyone will even ask also my daughter also has sb (the one with the long name that i havnt learnt how to spell yet lol) and hydro shes 8 months at the moment

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    I think all you need to say is "I am incontinent' and leave it at that. Just say it in a matter-of-fact tone and then continue on with what you were doing at the time you were asked.

    As James said, you probably won't be asked.

    Have a great trip.

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    Just an update: got back from the trip last night. No major issues. Don't think people noticed. I really did not need to use my diapers much as I was traveling with older ladies and there were restrooms everywhere in Washington, D.C. Got felt up by TSA on the way t DC and then on the way out... But nothing more than a pat down. On the way out and back my suitcase and had to be swabbed and my pooh bear made an appearance.... This could have been the large tub of skin cream (Rx). I told the TSA lady to just smash him back down into the bag. Shipping the diapers and wipes ahead saved much space too

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