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Thread: I need help with picking good diapers, and getting them to my house. First timer here.

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    Default I need help with picking good diapers, and getting them to my house. First timer here.

    So, this is a two part question. For the first part, I'm going to have to give some background on my situation:

    I'm 18 at the moment, a high school graduate, and I'm living with my mother and grandmother (and my father when he's home from Afghanistan.) I don't have a job, but I may soon. I enlisted in the U.S. Navy back in July, and I've been waiting for my ship date, which is in early March.

    My mother won't snoop in my room, but if I get a package sent here with diapers, I'd need to explain it. She doesn't work, because she has injuries and, frankly, it's not needed with my dad and grandmother working.

    Any advice on how to get a package without being noticed would be great. I moved to this very small town less than two years ago, and I've got no friends to send it to. I've heard you can make packages be sent to and held at the post office, but I've got no idea how to do that. If anyone does, I'd love to hear back from you.

    The second part of my question is a little less personal. I'm only a wetter (both by choice and by accidents), and I was looking at nappies to get. These were the two I looked at the most:

    My daddy would like to get the all-over diapers, but I'm worried that the diaper would make too much noise. In fact, I'm not sure if even the frontal print one would be quiet enough. Do I have anything to worry about? Are these very loud, either one? If anyone has worn these, I'd appreciate hearing about it.

    And lastly, I know people are going to tell me that it's not a good idea to get diapers at all because I'm living with my mother. I know it's not optimal, but if you read this, just trust me when I say I've had some makeshift practice and I've got hiding and disposal down. The only thing I'm worried about is delivering to the house, and crinkly noises.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this long note!

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    Keep in mind you don't want to be wetting your bunk. I don't know what the rules are currently, but that used to be an involuntary medical discharge. Even if that's not still the case, I'd imagine you'd get harrassed over that.

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    As far as picking them up, any site that ships via fedex and ups are extremely easy. If I do this, I simply put in my own address and wait until it is shipped. Either on the app, by phone or the online site you are able to 'change' the delivery address to a pickup point, and you can choose which store you want it to be delivered. Super easy, and really eases any concern of it being delivered when you aren't home or if someone else is.

    I personally haven't tried those, but I know wearing compression shorts or underwear over it usually helps cut down on the size and bulk for me when I want to wear in public.

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    I'm in a somewhat similar situation when it comes to getting diapers, as I live at home with parents who will question packages I receive. I can offer a few pointers.

    Is there anything you could possibly explain away the package as that won't garner much suspicion? Say perhaps video games or books? Of course take into account that the box is probably going to be fairly large if you buy a whole pack of diapers, so you'll have to decide if such an excuse is viable. Back in September I managed to pull off ordering a pack of Abenas from Amazon by also ordering a birthday gift for my mother. Said the box was her gift and ''comic books.'' It was pretty large but she didn't question it any, even when she unwrapped her gift and it was just a DVD.

    Also, while you're definitely not going to find much in the way of high-quality diapers in the average retail store, it's still an option if you feel uncomfortable ordering online. If going to a store by yourself won't raise any eyebrows, and you normally carry a backpack or the like, a smaller pack should be fairly easy to smuggle inside.

    Lastly, I haven't tried those particular diapers, but I've worn the plastic-backed Abenas around my parents by putting two pairs of underwear overtop. There's still a little crinkle, but in a fairly noisy house it's gone unnoticed so far.

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    I would get/use an outside mail box (UPS Store).

    I would order from a non-ABDL diaper shop. XP medical or Northshore or Bambino. These places offer discrete shipping with no diaper names on the shipping label.

    Diaper material can have big impact on noise. Some plastic backed diapers are very crinkly and some are very quiet.

    What about indicating the package is military supplies....cammies, gear, etc??

    How about fessing up the 'truth' that you have been having some retention problems and need to try some protection in the interim until you can make an appointment with the military doctor?

    I use Total Dry Plus from Bambino and wear a diaper under pants in a quiet office with no diaper noise signature.

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