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Thread: Getting a hamster around Christmastime!! :)

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    Default Getting a hamster around Christmastime!! :)

    Hey guys, the rest home I live in recently did away with their sadly strict no-pet policy. Now, this doesn't mean we can have dogs or cats but small animals living in cages or aquariums are acceptable. I'm going to get a male hammy (will try for a Syrian) and his name is going to be Jingle, in connection with the time of year he comes home.

    Many of you have probably wondered what in the world I had drawn for my avatar. Well, it's a hamster wearing shortalls. I want to get a hamster that will be willing to model an actual pair of hamster-pup-sized shortalls. I can guarantee you guys the model will NOT be Jingle (he's more likely going to model a Santa suit). But someday I hope to breed hamsters, when I have the time, space, supplies and money. A young male hamster pup resulting from a breeding will probably be the subject of the photo.

    EDIT 11/14/15 10:45PM ET: I searched the net and managed to find a decent couple of hamster Halloween costumes as well as a Santa suit, so now I just need the shortalls, some standalone capes and some cute hamster hats.

    Can anyone give me instructions on how to make the things I still need? If anyone is knowledgeable in this kind of thing, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    Cool I had one too long time ago get a good thing to keep him in they tend to escape if given a chance get a ball for them to run in.
    They only last 21/2 to 3 years.
    They need stuff to chew on they make wood stick's.

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    I absolutely love rodents of all varieties (is it weird I think rats are friggin adorable?). I 've always thought hamsters were great ^.^ though I've never owned one of course.

    So excited for you and your new friend!

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    I'm well aware of the average lifespan of a hamster. I had one before. And yeah my mood totally skyrocketed the night I was told "yes" to the hamster. I've been trying for years to get some sort of pet (rabbit, hedgehog - actually hedgehogs are illegal in my city - get the idea). And finally, something made them say yes!

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    I had a pair of gerbils when I was younger, a male and female. I really hoped they would mate, but in spite of the fact that they got along really well and slept in the same gerbil house,, they just weren't interested in sex. I suspect one of them was asexual or gay. But they were really soft and cute and had a great temperament. I'm sure you'll love your new buddy.

    By the way, I'm just curious. Your post says you reside in a rest home, yet your age shows you're twenty four?
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    i have had pet hamsters and pet rats. Huggle trouble, i too think rats are adorable and terribly smart. I have had four rats, all male and all good companions. I use to let them run loose and they would crawl up my arm and onto my shoulder. They even had an assault course to run in, which gave endless amusement. they were so tame, they would eat out of my hands.

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    I us to take care of hamsters for a living, which included breeding them.

    All I have to say is be prepared for stress. If they get bothered at all they will eat the pups!!

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    My wife and I had a hamster about 8 years ago. We loved her and she lived to about 3 years. Most important thing is to make sure they have an activity to do and keep their cage as dry and clean as you can.

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    Oooh you should get a Siberian hamster for ₤5 and call it 'Basil'!! Let me know if anyone gets the reference

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    Way back in "98" my cat was killed and my EX left in the same month, left with no reason to exist it was cease to or start over. I bought a hamster at the local pet store and named him Ollie, they asked me if he was snake food, I was very offended. Ollie helped me through some tough times and gave me a reason to get up in the mourning. Sadly hamsters only have about three years to share their love in this world but in that time I got help, new friends and moved on better equipped to deal with life's little setbacks.
    THANK YOU Olllie & all the animals who love us not for our money or stattus but because we love them back.

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