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    hi all I've been with my partner for 3 years and are engaged i like to wear nappies sometimes i stopped for years but while in hospital a few weeks ago with my youngest i got hold of one and put it on it was lovely anyway i'm looking to buy some but my partner doesnt know and il need to tell her as i don't really have anywhere to hide them but i dont even know where to begin with bringing it up or even how to tell her and its starting to bring me down as i dont want her to freak out i could really do with some help

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    This is a common question here. For starters, there is an article here. There really is no easy answer. Some partners accept and some don't. The best advice is to tell her only if you need to. You said you did without for years and now the "binge" as we call it has come back. Can you suppress it for the sake of your relationship? If not, then break the news slowly and gently. You will be a different person to her. I have asked my wife some "test" questions and the usual answer to adults wearing diapers is "ew" so it's in my best interest not to tell her.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    She'll probably ask why do you want to wear diapers, so you should have some sort of soul searching answer. That question has probably been asked my most of us and it's a difficult one to answer. It will involve some research and a lot of thought going back to a much earlier part of your life.

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    She may think you can stop it sence you have not worn in a long time and why now.
    Well it's a part of us there are a lot of trigger's smells for some.
    It's like eating to feel better so many cant give that up it's them .
    When I tryed to give it up I felt dead In side a lot.

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    I got some offline last night if she finds them then il have to tell her but il cross that when it comes to it

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    we had a little chat about it the other day (i say chat but it was more of a jokey sort of thing) iv been wearing them for the last few days and i know she noticed today as the top of my nappy was poking out for most of it i sort of made sure but she didn't say anything (im not sure if that's good or bad) but im sure il find out soon

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    Please let us know what she says so we can try and help ya out as things develope.

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