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Thread: What are you buying your little one for christmas?

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    Default What are you buying your little one for christmas?

    With the silly season now upon us, what are you buying for yourself for Christmas?
    I'm going with 4 new pairs of plastic pants, a short sleeved onesie, and some cloth AIOs.

    Should be fun

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    More Diapers. Maybe the Rearz with footprints or the Northshore.

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    Probably a new onesie, from previous years I got a Santa Claus one and a crocodile one, I will probably go for a Sesame Street one or something from my local town

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    I'm gonna get some cotton AIO diapers from dependenco.
    Do you like cotton or flannel ones better? Which ones make less noise?

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    I swear I saw a new style of paw patrol soft potty seat so I might get that and maybe the paw patrol sippy cups. If anything I would love to design a paw patrol diaper but I doubt it.

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    I actually got myself my Christmas present a little early this year. I took a visit to the Cuddlz site, decided to splurge a bit, and got myself some diapers, a onesie, a new bottle, and a new (adult sized pacifier).

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    Same amount of noise.
    Cotton feel cooler on the outside, flannel warmer.
    Fabric also feels nicer (to me) -
    Cotton feels like a sheet, flannel feels like, well flannel :p

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    More diapers seems like a perfect gift I also ordered a new sippy cup from amazon. may be a bit early but whatever.

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    I'll probably just get some more diapers for my little self this Christmas.

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