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Thread: How common is arousal during AB play?

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    Default How common is arousal during AB play?

    I have never done AB play and I have plans to do some soon. However arousal is a huge concern for me. Especially during diaper changes >.> And I think that this could be interpreted in two ways:

    1) I need to get more into the little headspace
    2) I'm little and don't have any desire to control my bodily functions

    While there are both sexual and non-sexual aspects for me, I'm simply not doing it for the sexual aspects. I just want to enjoy being simply for what it is.

    Thoughts? Am I stressing this too much. Sorry if I'm naive. I'm a bit new

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    I have changed plenty of baby boy diapers and seems to me that the male anatomy is usually hard anyway. I would be more worried if it were soft all the time. With 4 sons, husbands and a job as a CNA, the only soft anatomy was on the elderly. Everyone else seems to get one involuntary whether they want to or not.

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    Dont worry about it too much. Arousal is pretty common for ABs. That's part of the fun. And I've even heard that real baby boys sometimes show arousal during changes. I think if you dont aknowledge it, itll be more of a sign that you arent conscious or concerned with your bodily functions.

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    It's pretty common for the younger crowd, particularly during diaper changes. Rest assured, this is common for little kids as well as bigger ones. It's all in the way we react to it. Usually, it's of no concern, but that's based on the relationship.

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    Interesting question that I have seen talked about before with different responses.

    I, myself get aroused. Being diapered or little turns me on, and that's why I do it. I can wear and use a diaper for the purpose of relaxation and de-stressing, and not be in AB mode, but eventually I will get aroused by what I'm doing. When I'm little, (9-12), I do it for the sole purpose of wetting myself and getting turned on.

    I stress that while I get aroused by being a naughty wet kid, it in no way encompasses actual children in my thought process, just me.

    But I've read a lot of stories on here and other sites where people enjoy being AB/DL, or either, and it has no sexual context to it at all. I obviously can't speak for other people individually, but a common theme generally seems to be that people like to wear a nappy or become a baby for the process of relaxing and forgetting their problems for a while.

    I have a theory that the ones who regress to an actual baby/toddler age, are the ones who find less sexual appeal in it, and people like myself who are big kids get more of an adult type thrill out of it.

    While diaper lovers are a split between the two, I think the split is leaning towards the sexual side as a majority.

    If you don't want to be aroused when you're little, but it's happening, perhaps there is an unrecognised part of you who does get a thrill for it.

    Maybe you could try just "going with it" one day and allow your adult thoughts to take a part and see if perhaps there is an adult side to your little as well.

    Good luck!

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    If you're worried about rising to the occasion and feeling uncomfortable about it, maybe explain to your caregiver beforehand that you're a little embarrassed (and hopefully they can allay any fears). That way, when you're regressed, you won't feel the need to snap back to "reality" and apologise or feel awkward...

    As for the question, "how common is arousal...", why worry about what is and isn't common? You don't need to psychosexually (or otherwise) conform to what everyone else does -- especially if it's an involuntary reflex. It's okay to be you!

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    Thank you guys so much. It means so much to me, really :')

    I guess its more about forgetting your fears than creating new ones. If its involentary, its all the more little I suppose

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    I've always tried to steer toward trusting my hopes rather than my fears. Anyway: The only time your evident arousal could be a problem is when the person caring for you isn't expecting it. As a fairly young adult, I had a lovely woman babysitting me and she was quite upset to discover I was hard. When we talked about the experience afterwards, it was evident that I should have said something to her in advance. Don't blindside your caregiver; if they understand that you may display some signs of arousal and that this isn't necessarily an indicator of sexual interest, you should be fine. Relax and have fun!

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    Try having your "mommy"'s mother who doesnt really know the dynamic of the relationship judge you for every hard on you've gotten in front of her daughter even though the mother is a nurse and should know full well erections arent really a on/off switch...dont stress until you need to

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    I'm a DL as well as a caretaker. It's very common I can tell you. Nothing will shock me, most guys are happy to acknowledge its there - and it's normally cleaned, powdered and re covered without further ado . The minority of others have asked me to take extra care of it - which whilst I'm happy to do is not the norm. It's a natural function for most guys and would not get too flustered if it happens to you

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