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Thread: ABU in Review: A review of (almost) everything offered by AB Universe

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    Default ABU in Review: A review of (almost) everything offered by AB Universe

    Hadn't posted here in a while, so I figured I'd add something useful to the site for once.

    As many of you know, AB Universe has recently come back from the dead in a way that nobody previously expected. Casey, the new owner, is an awesome guy, and they went from the worst to the best customer service in the ABDL world in the span of a few weeks. While this was all happening, he sent me a few samples to review, and I feel really bad that I havenít yet gotten around to reviewing them. As such, I decided to do a little bit different style of review, like I previously did with Bambinoís diapers in the past - a review of all of their products at once.

    Just to try something a bit different, this wonít be a super numbers-focused review like most of mine have been previously - that niche seems to have already been filled by Fruitkitty unless I missed something. Iíve been wearing all of the various ABU diapers and am going to organize my thoughts on all of them into this post.

    ABU Cushies, Super Dry Kids, and Sissy Diapers
    Although ABU purports to have (or has previously had, as a few of these listings appear to have disappeared from the site) seven different types of diapers, a lot of those variants are just the same diaper with a different print. This is the case with Cushies, Super Dry Kids, and Sissy Diapers, although not with the cloth-backed Cushies, which I have not had a chance to test. All of them are thin, crinkly, single tape (per side, of course) diapers with a focus on appearance over performance. Cushies are a more modern design, Super Dry Kids are old Pampers replicas, and Sissy Diapers are white with some girly stuff on the landing zone.

    I love the look of all three diapers, with the possible exception of the sissy pattern (itís pretty bland, which is why theyíre revising it from what I hear). They are possibly the closest thing to plastic-backed baby diapers in adult size that are available nowadays. Unfortunately, they more closely resemble cheap generic baby diapers in performance. The single tape isnít quite large enough to feel snug, although it is the stickiest and most reliable tape Iíve ever seen. Absorbancy-wise, good luck not leaking. I am a fairly small person with a very small bladder. I hadnít leaked through a diaper in months before wearing one of the Cushies this morning. To be fair, it lasted a few hours without me needing to worry, but it was noticeable when it leaked. Good thing I was wearing relatively loose footie pajamas and could get them off in a hurry, or else I would have been sitting in a puddle.

    In addition to the lack of absorbancy, they donít wick well at all. Expect swelling in the front and almost nowhere else. I wouldnít be comfortable sitting in one of these beyond six hours, so for most people that probably translates to four. Depending on your point of view, that could actually be a good thing - baby diapers generally should be changed that often, and if you have a caretaker, that means more quality diaper-changing time.

    I feel the need to put a big bold DISCLAIMER here for one reason. I have heard rumors that ABU has been revising their diapers. Since I believe the stock I received was still from the old ABU, it is very possible this has changed since. Iíll turn to Casey for this and update the post if it changes.

    Overall, get these if you are willing to sacrifice performance for the adorable look. Honestly, Iíd go for some of their other stock, but itís a very light daytime diaper and would be okay for wearing under skinny jeans were it not for the obvious crinkle.

    Rearz Spoiled and Inspire
    Another two diapers that seem to have disappeared from the site, these are imports from Canadian company Rearz. These are much thicker diapers with two tapes and a much more sturdy-feeling backing. Spoiled has multicolored footprints covering it while Inspire is plain white, but they are once again basically the same diaper.

    These are extremely soft and durable diapers. The appearance is rather generic (footprints? really?) but they hold up much better performance-wise. The inner lining is some of the softest Iíve felt and stands next to DC Amors. They lose marks in the appearance category as well as the pricing (without ABU selling them in America at the moment, these are some of the most expensive diapers you can get outside of Fabines), but otherwise are a solid competitor. The tapes on these arenít as awesome as the ABU tapes, but I havenít had any specific issues with them.

    Final Verdict: Get these if youíre willing to pay the price to have something that will be thick, absorb a lot, and not rip, but not be very cute. I advise wearing them under clothing or a diaper cover. And since Spoiled usually costs more, get the Inspire - I donít think the footprint design is worth the extra money.

    ABU Space Diapers
    Now everyone already knows about how amazing these are, so Iíll keep this part brief. ABU Space Diapers are probably the best diaper on the market at the moment. They are once again thick, durable, absorbent, have good tapes, are adorable, and the best part - the aliens fade when wet. Itís a bit ďunrealisticĒ if your idea of realism is being like a baby diaper, but you canít deny the awesomeness of killing aliens with your sogginess. Now I would absolutely love to see a bit more girly or otherwise cute version, as the design on this feels like something Iíd expect to see on non-absorbent underwear, but other than that, I absolutely love them.

    Stuff I didnít get to try
    I should leave a note here just to say that ABU offers a couple of things that I was unable to mention here since I didnít get to try them. They offer a scented option for their diapers that Iíve only heard about but have heard generally good things about. They offer a cloth-backed version of the Cushies that Iíve heard is superior - and as a fan of cloth-backed diapers, I really need to try that one out. I believe they are also revising all of their diapers pretty regularly, so the new versions are probably already better than what I posted here.

    Other than what I wasnít able to try, that pretty much concludes my review of all ABU products. If anyone wants capacity/measurements/pricing, Iím happy to measure and post it, but honestly most ABDL diapers including these are priced and sized similarly, and most capacity tests donít quite stand up to real-world usage. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and Iíll be happy to answer.

    Oh, and of course, have a link to their website:

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    Great review! I am expecting some ABU Diapers today!

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    I'm also curious to hear if the SDK's were old batch, or the "improved absorbency" ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babybobby View Post
    I'm also curious to hear if the SDK's were old batch, or the "improved absorbency" ones.
    The ones I reviwed were an old batch. Apparently the new one is still coming. Casey posted this in response to the Reddit thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Casey Strom
    Addressing the old batches of single tape diapers - they are all being revamped for absorbency. Each batch has seen an improvement of 10-20%, and there will be some announcements soon about the new stock coming in December.

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