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Thread: Nearly caught!

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    Default Nearly caught!

    I had a near miss the other day.

    I had made a home made diaper by folding a towel and laying it through my underwear, then putting a pair of women's granny style high cut cotton panties over it. These were pink with a blue love hearts design. I then used a white plastic bag as a diaper cover.

    Wearing nothing else but a t shirt, went outside, but took my dressing gown with me as insurance. My back yard is reall private, so I can usually wear whatever I want out there.

    I spent maybe 10 minutes outside. To start with I had a smoke to relax, then slipped into my AB frame of mind. I wanted to feel like a toddler. I sat at the table for awhile, where I first wet my nappy a bit. After a while, I got up and started waddling about. I hadn't finished peeing, so I slowly started emptying my bladder as I walked around. I walked to the side gate as I finally lost all control, and my diaper reached capacity and overflowed, making a big puddle on the cement that I was standing in.

    As I stood there in my puddle, looking down the side of my house toward the road, my neighbor suddenly appeared as he stepped off my front porch. He had been knocking on my front door, but I hadn't heard him from the yard. I had left my gown on the outside table at the rear.

    He spotted me as he stepped down, smiled, and walked over to face me over my side gate. My side fence is about 5 foot high with a gate in it. I stood real close to the gate so he couldn't see my lack of pants, blocking the gate at the same time.

    Turns out he just wanted to tell me my daughter had left her car window down, and he made no effort to enter or get too close. We exchanged pleasantries for no more than 2 minutes or so, then he left.

    But the whole time we were talking, I was standing in a puddle, with big wet streaks in my legs, wearing a sagging translucent rubbish bag, which did nothing to hide the thickly padded female panties I had on underneath.

    I nearly wet myself with fright, lol. (Bad joke)

    He didn't see anything, but it was close. I may have to keep little me as an inside game perhaps.
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    Wow, sounds intense. Good game though, I am surprised you could keep composure for 2 minuets!!

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    Lol. You got me. I did exaggerate it a bit. It's essentially true, but I did take some license with it.

    I did make a nappy and wet it outside, causing it to leak. But I was wearing my black satin boxer shorts over it, which obviously got wet as well, but the wet spot was invisible.

    Once it started leaking, I stood on the lawn to finish, and only made a small wet trail on the cement.

    After I had finished, I put my dressing gown on over the top, so you couldn't see my wet boxers anyway, or my puffy diaper underneath.

    The neighbour did appear as I said, but he didn't really approach the fence. He did stay and chat from a distance briefly, but didn't approach me.

    Basically I did make and wet a diaper, and I did have a chat to my neighbor, but I really wasn't in any danger of being discovered, unless I suffered a sudden heart attack or something!

    It did excite me what happened, and I wanted to share it, but when I started writing it down it seemed a bit plain, so I thought I could "spice it up a bit."

    I should've known better. It's pretty easy to spot a fake story, and I should've just stuck to the facts.

    All of my stories I've told on here have been true, at least for the most part. I will admit to padding them out, (pun intended ) on occasion. But I've never deliberately made a a complete fabrication just for the sake of it. This is probably why. I can't lie worth a damn lol.

    No offence meant, just tried to make a mundane wetting experience a bit more interesting.

    Although it did feel weird speaking to my neighbor while wearing a nappy and wet pants, regardless of how safe I was!

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    At least you survived a close call without any embarrassing repercussions. Those close calls at the time the happen will give us a fright. But then, later on when we recall them they can give us a thrill.

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    Honestly, I'm not sure what there is to gain from stretching the truth in stories. Either it happened, or it didn't. Why exaggerate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by disneygeek View Post
    Honestly, I'm not sure what there is to gain from stretching the truth in stories. Either it happened, or it didn't. Why exaggerate?
    Not to say I condone it, but it does make it much more interesting story.

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    I suppose... but it seems everyone realizes there's some stretching of the truth pretty easily.

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    I'm pretty ashamed that I made such a bad job of exaggerating something that really didn't need exaggerating on in the first place I guess.

    Wetting a home made diaper is something I do often, and I guess it becomes a bit boring after awhile. I rarely bother to make a thread or post regarding it, because it really isn't that interesting.

    "I made a diaper, and wet myself" isn't really gripping material.

    But throw in the fact of talking to my neighbor, and suddenly it made my heart rate pick up a bit, and it was certainly a different experience than what I normally have.

    It's just as I wrote it factually, it still didn't seem overly interesting, but my mind started playing over with a heap of "what's-if" scenarios. I do walk around outside on occasion wearing a diaper, sometimes a real one, sometimes a home made, and I love wetting my pants outside as well. Being discovered is really not a thing I want to happen though. I get no kick out of that at all.

    As I wrote it my mind started swimming with the possibilities that could have happened, and I got carried away with it u guess.

    I was strangely turned on by the whole imaginary possibilities of it, and let it overly influence an admittedly mundane tale.

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    I've been sort of caught a number of times when I was in a wet diaper. Even though I had shorts or sweat pants over the diaper, since I wear cloth and plastic pants, it's sort of obvious. Several times we've had UPS packages delivered and I've had to sign for them while amply diapered. You just sort of do what you have to do and hope it's not too noticeable.

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