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    Currently I'm tore between staying at my position as a manager or stepping down. I've been having trouble dealing with the stress. I can't win with my boss. They're hash and overly demanding. That's being caught recently I haven't been able to de-stress properly. I do the job mainly for the cash and because there isn't nothing else for me. I've been thinking and thinking, but the answer isn't coming. I would be greatful for any help or words of wisdom.

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    Very difficult to say without more information. That being said I'm a firm proponent of moving on if things at work are becoming too negative. There are other jobs out there, thousands of others. It's a matter of whether you want to go looking for them and whether your skills and experience will allow you to get something sooner rather than latter.

    Make a pro vs. con list. If it only revolves around money I can point you to many examples of people doing work that they hated, but wanted the money and eventually imploded. In other words, you need to be getting something else out of it besides money, unless the pay is so good, you plan on retiring early and changing careers.

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    I've always had a rule and sometimes I've been able to make it work. Find another job before you quit the one you have so you can keep paying your bills. There's nothing that prevents you from shopping around and interviewing while you're working. It didn't work in the year 2000 because I was vastly downsized and I couldn't afford to stay. I eventually had to work two jobs, one full time and one part time in order to make the same amount of money.

    Things sometimes have a way of working out because I still have that part time job, even though I've been retired for a couple of years from the full time job. It's very nice extra income and it's something I enjoy doing. I hope you are as lucky should you choose to work somewhere else.

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    When I was giving the job. It was all about the money. Still kind is. I've been looking and I still am, but there's nothing here. It would be another fast food or service job. At the same time I don't understand the point to feeding people. I'm not making a difference. They're only going to be hungry again tomorrow. It's pointless. Why should I have to suffer people's bad behavior and tempers, because "My food is taking too long" or "I need (noun)" People can cook for themselves. The option is always there and yet they get mad at me for one small detail. I should be able to tell them to what I think of how they act.

    Sorry that turned into a bit of a hateful rant. I've been hoping to find something I could see worth in. Helping people is obviously not it. Most other people I find to be whiner than my toddler side. I thought live how have some adventure in it, but I guess I was wrong. Life for the most part is boring, dull and basically pointless. I need that in my life. Something worth getting up for. Something I could find worth my time. It's not good, but I'm always pushing myself to be better, to be smarter, faster. At some point almost every month I look into what my mind believes to be the future. IT'S NEVER GOOD. It's been horrible for a long time. I had promise and hope once........But I think that was beaten out of me at some point. I've been coated in darkness for over a decade and can't seem time find a way out.

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    If the job is not fulfilling but pays your bills and lets you live your life, I don't think you should leave it. It's okay to do work for selfish reasons even if you don't really see the value in what you're doing. Keep looking around and see what you can find. Even if it's in the same industry, a job elsewhere with a different manager might be better simply because you're working with better people. That can be a huge difference.

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