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    So I'm not sure where if this falls on the "PG-13" spectrum, but I have a question about masturbation for the guys out there. So when I do the deed, I always hump my bed and rarely to never do it by hand. Anyone else like this? As a side note, does anyone know if this is healthy?

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    It's certainly not dangerous. That said, it's prudent to vary your technique, so that you are accustomed to getting pleasure from different sensations.

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    As long as you've gotten consent from your bed.

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    Self-induced vascular tumescence of one's own Phallus (or Vulva) will not case you to go to Hell or be executed by God.

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    What you're talking about is called prone masturbation, There are some that believe it can cause erectile dysfunction down the road, but I suspect it's all a load of pseudo-science. If you want to read up on it, google for traumatic masturbatory syndrome, just read everything with a healthy amount of salt.. there's a great deal of bullshit out there on any topic, and this definitely smells of it. If this was an actual issue I'd expect real medical studies to be cited rather than dodgy anecdotes.

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    It's perfectly healthy in whatever manner and position you do it.

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    "Cheat. Use your other hand." - George Carlin

    Between the sheets, between the mattresses or between the thighs, it's all good! Pillows are good, too, just make sure it's not the one you sleep on. I heard some of the bigger plushies are uh "friendly" as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    As long as you've gotten consent from your bed.
    Yes, one must not Bill Cosby one's bed...

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