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Thread: New Bambino 'Prototype Diaper'?

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    Default New Bambino 'Prototype Diaper'?

    Just when I was getting to be somewhat disheartened/bored by bambino's lack of anything new in a long, long time--it looks like something new might possibly be in the works...?

    I just got a email from them earlier announcing a new promotion where if you buy any other cases or bags of their standard diapers, they'll include one of these new test diapers. It sounds pretty cool!


    Taken from the email itself:

    Extra comfortable stretch panel with micro memory technology
    All plastic diaper with mechanical closure hook system
    More absorbent than our Bellissimo
    Newly designed, extra strength tape tabs
    Only M and L sizes available for now
    VERY limited quantity, 1 diaper per customer
    *Final diaper print and name TBD
    Feedback welcome!

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    Stop complaining, at least you lot get access to fairly priced quality AB/DL products.

    Also, cool!

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    Ordered 2 bags of Biancos just to test this new diaper. Will report back.

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    Looks like a clever bit of marketing! buy several to get one free, or is it just me?

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    Will be very much interested to find out what this "stretch panel" refers to. Anybody know yet?

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    Looks awesome to me. Placed an order for more Teddies sooner than I was planning to just to try the sample.

    On a side note, Bambino has been quietly making improvements to their products over the last year or so. Most notable: the tape size has been increased (they are now wider and hold very well, though I did not have many issues with the older narrower ones) and the sizing has been tweaked to be slightly larger, more like Abena sizing. All positives. Overall quality has been fairly uniform across the last several cases I've gotten.

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    An specificly ABDL nappy with plastic-backing and (what sounds like) velcro fastenings! I've never tried (any) Bambinos before but I finally might now as these sound too awsome not to try! bringmesunshine

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    I don't see mention of standing leak guards. These are an absolute necessity for premium diaper IMO.

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    Mechanical Closure Hook System. Neat.

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    Still not going to be as good as Northshore's IMO

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