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Thread: Tena or other good daytime diapers?

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    Default Tena or other good daytime diapers?

    Hello to all, i haven't posted here in a while and have missed being on here. Anyway i wanted to say that i have gone 6 or possibly 7 months of this year without having many major accidents, so therefore i didnt buy any quality diapers for a while, just used cheap ones since my accidents were so minor for a few months.

    As of 3 days ago, my problems came back and i have lost more than half of the control that i gained there for a while.

    I am used to bambino bianco and secure x plus diapers. What i'm really wanting to know is, what are the best Tena diapers for daytime use? I have both types of incontinence. Thanks for the help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sihcara View Post
    As of 3 days ago, my problems came back and i have lost more than half of the control that i gained there for a while.
    May just be a medical thing or some other source of temporary stress, hopefully it resolves itself and you return to where you were recently

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    Sorry your issue came back, check out dry 24/7's or northshores supreme plastic backed diapers I find its better to go with a better diaper and have less chances of leaking.

    When my OAB first started to act up a year ago I was dry 95 % but found the premium Abena M4's and then the dry 24/7's were worthy the money for piece of mind that I was protected even when I changed out of a 100% dry diaper.

    Now I never have a dry diaper for longer then an hour or so and I do not regret staying with a better diaper right from the start.

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    If you are looking specifically for Tena and your volumes are not excessive, Tena Stretch Super may be a good option. Nice snug fit, relatively noiseless, and resealable stretch Velcro wings.

    You can get a free trial kit:

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    Thanks for the help Rob and Kenn, i will give the Tena and northshore diapers a try. I have my days where the accidents are more severe than others, so its often a gamble which diaper to wear or not to, but usually i have a clue in the morning how heavy a day it will be.

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    The Rearz Line is great for public wear, it is a thick premium diaper, that has an incredible capacity. The tapes are above average and it isn't so bulky so as you cant wear it. I was able to wear them all summer as a tour guide wearing tight dress pants, mondo recommend.


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