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Thread: I need help...I dont know what to do

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    Unhappy I need help...I dont know what to do

    I need help, I dont know what to do. I am 17 years old and live in california. My problem is that my mom got layed off right before christmas and she has not been able to get a job. she is a nurse and cant fiind a job. she is also disabled, but she cant get disability because she has not worked long enough to get disability. my parents are divorced and before they got divorced the owned there own business, but they made the checks in my dads name, and because they did that my mom cant get money from that. and now she is starting to get very low on how much money she has. I really dont know what to do. I know everyone here really cant get my mom a job, but this has just been stressing, and i needed to vent.

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    Move to louisiana WE need component nurses!!!

    Doc's are ok but >_< nurses don't know shit on how to give an IV here.

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    Seriously, Nurses are in high demand. What is your mother's disability? I would think she'd be able to pick up a few shifts at just about any hospital if she's an RN...even if it's the night shifts, a job is a job these days.

    Hang tough, it's not going to be easy but we're going to get through this!


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    the thing is, she is a LVN not an RN, and she does not work hospitals, she works home health. and we cant move. I am still in high school (senior) and my ister still lives in my house, she 21 and she has a job in a town over from ares. I just dont know what to do. and also I cant get a job myself.

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    Odd... Nurses, LPNs, etc., are pretty much #1 currently regarding demand for employment. Home health care workers as well.

    Tell your mom to get on Linkedin, and network with other professionals in your area. That site is a very useful tool, and she won't get all the spam that comes from sites like Monster and HotJobs.

    If you don't mind me asking, why did she lose her job? At 17, why can't you pick up some work?

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    she lost her job because the place she was working at was an artificial insermination place. and because of the the recession they are not doing to well becasue people dont have the money for it, and she was the newest person there so she was the first to go.

    And I cant get a job because the city I live in is not to big, (its not small, but not big) and all the jobs that teen agers should be getting and going to adults because thats all the work they can find. I have sent over 40 resumes out and aplications, but nothing.

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    My daughter in law is a nurse, but she's an RN. Could your mom get a nursing job in a hospital, or a doctor's office. How about a school nurse? If not, she may want to consider moving. Sometimes you have to go where the jobs are. Here in Lynchburg, VA, we have two hospitals. I know that would be a big move, but there must be cities like Lynchburg closer to you. Maybe she could commute if it meant a half hour drive.

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