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Thread: Baby bottles and pacifiers

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    Default Baby bottles and pacifiers

    Hey everyone

    Can I get some feedback on pacifiers and bottles.
    No mention of Nuk or custom made ones.

    I want to know where to get good pacifiers and bottles?

    At the moment I have the extra large tommee tippee super soft ones from Australia which are my favourite.
    Also happy baby extra large from Australia.

    U.S. don't seem to have good size baby pacifiers.
    I think mexico might have some larger ones.
    There's ones called bimbo which I found but can't find now for some reason

    I also rememebr getting a real nice one from a spanih island years ago.
    It detached from the plastic part and was quite large, and a little softer than the harder rubber teats.

    Also. What happened to the classic rubber test for baby bottles.
    You used to be able to get them from boots in the UK.
    I have a como tomo one I quite like but I really miss them classic teats.

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    I get all mine from pacifiersrus
    Awesomely made and they Worth the price

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    No mention of nuk rememebr. Was after a bit more info. I know worldwide there's good ones. I don't like the fake ones

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