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Thread: 10 years from now

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    Question 10 years from now

    Do you still imagine you will still be DL 10 years from now?

    for me i think so unless something happens and i end up stopping.

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    Well, I've been wearing diapers for fun for 30+ years straight. My longest break was about three months, and those were my first three months of college. So, yeah... All signs point to my being just as diaper-crazed as ever ten years from now.

    But who knows? I could get kicked in the head by a mule and suddenly find myself free of all diaper desires.

    Or just dead.

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    7 years a dl, but i think it might take a backseat now ive opened myself to alot more fetishes.

    being abdl is such a cross over fetish imo

    you got ageplay, furries, bdsm, scat, watersports, humiliation, medical, disability and more all gatewayed by this one fetish/lifestyle

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    Having gone through a number of ten year periods with the desire remaining intact, I expect that if I'm still around in ten years, the urge will be there as well.

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    In ten years, I hope my arthritis lets me pin a diaper on.

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    Well, I've had an interest in diapers my entire life without it ever abating, so...yeah I'm pretty sure I'll still be in diapers in ten years.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    In ten years, I hope my arthritis lets me pin a diaper on.
    If not, I'm sure you'll have the assistance of a very comely and sympathetic nurse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieRoni View Post
    If not, I'm sure you'll have the assistance of a very comely and sympathetic nurse.
    If it comes to that, I hope she'll have the where with all to give me that big overdose of morphine! That' not illegal, is it?

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    Most likely.

    I mean, my desires have changed over the years. I've gone from just being interested in things like training pants and GoodNites but having no real active desire to wear, to having a stash of diapers in my closet. I of course don't know exactly what I'll be doing in ten years, but I see no reason why my core fetishistic desires would go anywhere.

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    I've been into diapers for almost ten years now. If anything, the desires have been stronger since then.

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    Not sure why the question only applies to the DL crowd in such a broad culture but I'll roll with it. I asked myself the same question 10 years ago and yet, here I am; but I can see my DL side diminishing before my AB side. That said, the future is uncertain so I don't particularly hold the notion in high regards.

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