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Thread: Met another ABDL - ON ACCIDENT

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    Default Met another ABDL - ON ACCIDENT

    Recently, I walking to throw some trash away in my dormitory, and saw a girl in the trash room at the same time. She panicked when I walked in, and there was only one trash can empty. She left without saying anything and ran down the hall as I was throwing my trash away. As I placed my bag in the dumpster, I couldn't help but notice what looked like a Cushies in the trash bag she threw out. There were also Goodnites in there too!
    I quickly tossed my bag in and yelled for her, just as she was entering her room. She closed her door and pretended to ignore me until I knocked on her door. She opened it after a minute of tossing items around, only to have left a stray diaper on the floor. I asked her her name and introduced myself. Blatantly, I asked if she was an ABDL. She kind of stared at me in shock. I told her that it's okay, that I'm one too.
    She invited me in immediately! She is an education major and has been too afraid to open up about her little side. Though I've never been diapered as a DL until then, we both decided to diaper each other: Cushies for the both of us! She was running low on supplies, so we decided to go diaper shopping together! It was quite odd shopping for my diapers with another person, yet, it was really peaceful and relaxing! We drove to Walmart together and decided to splurge a little on diapers. We bought a few packs of boys and girls Goodnites, always discreet, and then for her, pampers cruisers (her first time trying them) and some Disney princess pull-ups. After spending nearly $70 on diapers (while wearing our own) we decided to get dinner together, no ABDL interest.
    Once we returned to school, a little wet from the adventure, she told me more about how she became and ABDL and her interest in it overall, and the same for me. We lay there in our diapers with pacifiers together, realizing that there were others of us out there, closer than we thought! We changed each other before leaving for the night and kissed goodnight. Right then, I knew I wasn't alone. This happened two nights ago, and we are going to hang out again tomorrow. Hoping for the best!

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    Good for you .
    I hope this grows into a happy life for you both.

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    Wow. That sounds great. Enjoy yourselves, but don't overplay it. Have fun

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    This is 100% too good to be true omg, I'm so jealous rn that's like a dream fantasy

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    It's amazing meeting another ABDL! I am with her right now and couldn't be happier. When I went to her room, she showed me her diaper right away. She was wearing a Disney Princess pull-up and let me change her diaper when she wet. She wanted a baby diaper, so a pampers cruiser it was for her and then I let her diaper me. She picked and it was a Girls goodnite, as the Disney pull-ups and pampers cruisers won't fit me.
    We just played around and watched tv. She showed me her diaper "tote" where she keeps all her diapers hidden.
    It's two giant Sterilite totes - both neatly organized. One contained all her "baby" diapers - pampers, pull ups, Goodnites, plus her pacifiers and onsies and sleepers, plus powder and rash cream. The other one contained her adult diapers - right now just Cushies, plus some cloth diapers and plastic pants.
    I'd like to try cloth, as I've never worn them and want to try them! We are just getting to know one another, so we've only wet our diapers so far.
    As I lay there in my goodnite and looked at her in her pull up, I realized how cute she looked and how we both can wear and be together! I needed to work on a paper, so I left after about 2 hours together.
    I'll let everyone know how it goes!

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    Perhaps there's more of us in the world than we realize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymt View Post
    Wow. That sounds great. Enjoy yourselves, but don't overplay it. Have fun
    OP/TC has long leaped from that cliff. With going pretty much like "Hi.. I went trough your garbage and noticed there's at least one used fetishist diaper in there. it should be none of my concern, but i'm totally making it out to be."

    but apparently he's casonova and can get even non ab/dl girls to turn

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    ^OP obviously has amazing powers of persuasion! Maybe he can turn my family as well.

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    If true, it's an incredibly sweet story of two people finding each other.

    It does seem somewhat straining to credulity, but if it's not true, it's a nice story as far as fantasies go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Perhaps there's more of us in the world than we realize.

    I am thinking you are more right than you realize.

    Nexquic66, I too have had a couple of experiences where I have discovered other ABDLs by accident, and I think that given the whole stigma about it, that there is a ton of people out there who never will come online but yet are still secretly wearing diapers or even just having these desires.

    I am not saying that there is a majority out there, but I am saying that I believe there are a heck of a lot more people who have this interest than any of us may realize!

    Anyhow, I am so happy for you and I hope that whether or not your relationship materializes into something greater than it is now, I think it is awesome you found somebody that you can in real life (non virtual) world share this with.

    Best of wishes to you!!


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