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    I think this may have been a topic before, but how do you all feel about Goodnite tru fits? I'm really considering buying a pack of them, they seem to be interesting!

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    I wear size 34 pants. They are a bit tight but I am able to wear them and be comfortable. I have not used them so as for capacity I am not sure.

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    Capacity wise they are actually surprisingly good. Much better than normal goodnites. Not a full on diaper, but better than you would expect. I'm a 32" waist and they are also a bit tight on me

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    Will try them if they drop in price a bit, until then I have a couple bags of the regular XL I can wear at night inside a Tena Super.

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    Bought them today and love them! Very soft and comfy underwear, and they hold very well! Well worth my money!

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