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Thread: Incontinent equestrian

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    Default Incontinent equestrian

    The few times I've gone riding after I've been wearing diapers for my incontinence is that my diaper has been breaking up. By breaking up I mean the asorbant padding. It seems to be worse when I pee the asorbant padding of my diaper. Any suggestions?

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    Flannel or gauze cloth diapers and plastic pants work better in this type of situation.

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    All I have is disposable diapers. Do they have cloth diapers for adults? Pins sound like a pinta to deal with.

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    Babykins sell's them just google babykins
    They have lots of styles you could wear a all in one also.
    Snaps may be better for you in time Velcro brakes down
    Then go back to what you use after riding.

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    Default,, and are a few choices to start with at least.

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    thinner padding seams to hold up better in cases like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matty444 View Post
    The few times I've gone riding after I've been wearing diapers for my incontinence is that my diaper has been breaking up. By breaking up I mean the asorbant padding. It seems to be worse when I pee the asorbant padding of my diaper. Any suggestions?

    I ride horses all the time, and while I am not incontinent, I do wear diapers often while riding. As this is something I do frequently, perhaps I have a few suggestions that you might find helpful. This is actually not the first time this question has come up here on ADISC. I will share with you what I shared before, as well as a link to a very similar thread that you might find helpful.

    Originally Posted by TeddyBearCowboy on 26 February 2013

    I think that given my background I can give you some sound advice. I ride horses all the time, and while not IC, I still ride at times being diapered.

    I understand what you are saying and have experienced the same problems you have described about diapers or pads being "torn apart" by the movement. I often am riding at many different levels, sometimes at a full gallop, or even just a fast trot, and the amount of movement will cause most disposable types of products to fall apart once they have become wet.

    Because I am involved in not just riding for pleasure, but searching for cows --sometimes on precariously steep slopes or in thick brush and trees, the thought of having to worry if my diaper is going to leak or be noticed by others is not something I want or have time to do. Hence, I too need to have a method that really works.

    As far as wearing plastic pants as extra protection, I have found that that is usually a must, as the movement tends to push liquid out of the diaper even if it is the most absorbent and high quality. There has to be something that will be a backup layer of protection.

    What I think is indeed the most effective, comfortable, and least likely to cause an embarrassing experience is wearing a cloth diaper, such as an "all-in-one" that contains not only the absorbent material, but also an outer shell. The cloth material isn't going to break up, or bunch up, like disposable products do. While they are more expensive than disposables, I think you will find that they are worth purchasing, even if only during the period while you are riding.

    Just to be safe, wearing a thin pair of plastic pants gives some added level of protection as well as confidence that you are not going to have a noticeable leak. The plastic pants do become more uncomfortable during the summer, but it is kind of a trade off.

    The problem with cloth diapers, as I am sure you might know, is that when you need to change, it is more difficult as you are not just going to dispose of the diaper by throwing it away in the garbage. When on an extended ride, this can become a bit challenging, to say the least.

    However, what I have found is that it is very possible to ride horses, even in the most extreme types of outings and not have to experience embarrassing leaks or uncomfortable circumstances. I have found that the extra padding of wearing a diaper actually can make the experience more comfortable with less chaffing and soreness than without.

    Good luck in your riding experience. I love spending time on horseback, even if most of the time it is spent working rather than just having fun.

    Here is the link to the thread I was talking about.

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    Thanks for the replies. I don't know anything about cloth diapers or how to get them. So it's true they have snap diapers?

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    They have snap diapers as well as some with velcro tapes. You can also get all-in-one cloth diapers that come with an insert and they also have enough room to add another diaper as a stuffer. In addition you can use a fastener called a boingo, but I have found pins work the best for me. You will need a diaper pail to put your soiled/wet diapers in and you will also need to take care of them by washing them at least twice a week.

    E-bay is a good place to see what is available in different types of cloth diapers and waterproof pants, although you don't have to buy them from e-bay and you can find several incontinence vendors on the internet and probably in your neighborhood also.

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    I'm not incontinent but wear diapers a lot. I drive a truck for work and also ride motorcycles and snowmobiles. The truck and the the snowmobile beat the hell out of me and my diaper. Abena's seem to break up, dry 24/7 don't fit quite right for me, I have been using Northshore Supreme plastic backed and they don't seem to break up or clump as bad. Just my $.02 if you want to give em a try.

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