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Thread: No more high school :)

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    Default No more high school :)

    I officially passed high school

    I'm very bored as I literally have nothing to do until next year(tafe) not sure what to do with my life as of now, been relaxing programming and doing everything I missed out on due to school.

    Since I'm bored to death, what are some interesting games I should play, mostly retro or older games(I like sims)

    I applied for my first job, around 20, temporary so I can move out and get my own house, I want my own house so badly, but getting a job is so hard... the frustration is real.

    Thought I would update you guys on what I've been doing lately, and yes I've been diapered a bit more than usual, even all day.

    After being diapered for 6 to 8 hours, without diapers, it feels weird, no clue why, it just feels bare.

    Well, that's it, so excited, so bloody bored, going to do a CERT 3 (If i don't get my sace) if not a diploma in networking.

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    Glad you graduated. From the terminology you sound like your in Australia. Jobs are hard to find here. Good luck with that and try not to get too bored!

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