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Thread: "You're due for a change"

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    Default "You're due for a change"

    I received an email from Home Depot entitled "You're due for a change". How did they know?

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    Very funny. Reminds me of the sermons some people preach. Life is so exciting through ABDL glasses.

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    that made me chuckle and I thought this thread would be about something totally different.

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    that does sound like its a coincidence lol.

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    Being autistic, my mind interprets that phrase as referring to my dirty wet diaper needs to be changed.

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    So is this a new service are they branching out .
    Home depot were mommies get's the day off and changes are made any age. Lol

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    Sounds like the line I got at work this morning... You're early, did ya wet the bed? lol, all I could think was "if you only knew" but I just replied "Nope, not last night" and started my day with a smile!

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    I wonder in which isle they perform the service?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    I wonder in which isle they perform the service?
    my guess would be 1 or 2 depending on the need.

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