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Thread: Squatty potty anyone?

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    Default Squatty potty anyone?

    Had to laugh a bit when I saw this.

    Squatty potty? Or just wear a diaper?

    Happy diaper days

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    Squatting is the natural position for pooing, definitely my favourite and if you're normally a sitter I recommend trying it. Rather than using a step / stool of that kind in front of a grown-up toilet, if I'm not wearing a nappy I squat on my little potty. If I need to do one when I'm in a nappy, depending on how much room there is and how much pushing is needed I might squat right down, or part way, or just stand with legs apart and hands on hips. About the only position I don't often do poos in is sitting. I used to have a proper French-style squat toilet that was great both for doing poos in and cleaning up with a shower hose after a messy nappy. Haven't got round to fitting one at the new house though.

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    off-topic but the title made me realise how much i want an adult potty styled like a kids one

    i also agree with squating when pooping in diapers, feels more babyish to me, tightens the diaper for better spread which is suprisingly important and it feels better, probably cause mentally its more in tune with how a toddler would do it while walking about or playing with toys

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymt View Post
    Had to laugh a bit when I saw this.

    Squatty potty? Or just wear a diaper?

    Happy diaper days
    This was on here a few weeks ago:

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    You know, I can't help but suspect that the "unnatural" position one has to adopt when using a toilet creates problems when toilet training. It's no wonder some toddlers prefer nappies, when they have to work so much harder to have a bowel movement in a toilet. Straining and pushing, sometimes almost painfully, rather than letting it come out naturally - it's not difficult to see why a toddler might find that off-putting.

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    Strange, I've been squatting since I was out of nappies and I still have a hemorrhoid that won't go away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    This was on here a few weeks ago:

    So it was. Apologies. I didn't read the original thread. I just saw this in another social network and it made me think of us

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    No, don't apologize! I was just adding to your thread a funny video from the same company. It's all good and funny!

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    Cant my knees hurt too much. My knees are messed bad. It hurts when I walk up stairs and stuff.

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