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    HI I want to know what are some good gift for a little that are under $15 if there are any out there.

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    There's probably a lot of different things actually.

    -Bottles and sippy cups
    -Coloring books and crayons
    -Animated DVD's, especially the older releases you can get for about $5
    -Small toys, like Hot Wheels cars, My Little Pony figures, etc.
    -Small blankets/throws

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    I concur with KimbaStarshine's list.
    Baby rattles are pretty cheap and < $15.00.

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    One thing I haven't seen mentioned anywhere on ADISC is teething rings. You put them in the fridge and then put them between your teeth or in your mouth. If it's summertime it could be a cool treat!

    I see it's for a little now that I'm awake. Building blocks and shape sorters are my new suggestion.
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    Little girls love glitter and sparkly things. So do some Little boys. I'm a Lisa Frank nerd.

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    KimbaStarshine had some great suggestions, as did everybody else. You could also include some cheaper/smaller things like candy, stickers, or those little tubes of bubbles. Maybe you could put together a little gift basket, even build it around a theme: throw in some candy, a coloring book (or print some coloring sheets out!), some crayons, some stickers, a cheap toy... ?

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