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Thread: Anyone here on SissyKiss forum ?

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    Default Anyone here on SissyKiss forum ?

    The SissyKiss site has been down for me for the past 24 or so hours.
    Anyone here visiting and having trouble with that site ?

    4 days ago this (ADISC) site was hit and appears to be back to normal.
    Don't know if it is related but these things happen from time to time.
    And I hate that when that happens ! Really messing with my viewing
    pleasures ! Be gone Beelzebub !

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    I am not a member but I tried to view their site and I didn't have any problems. It looked to me like everything was ok.

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    It is not a new forum - just reorganized - instead of getting one column of recent/current events there are three and I have found that it
    takes a considerable amount of time to load - much longer than what was previous (3 times the material thru the same pipe). Confusing
    at first but nothing that can't be gotten used to. The stories section which I visit has the same 3 column format and like the main page
    takes a bit of time to load. When you find a section topic or something of interest click on it and then the single full page spread opens.
    If it takes awhile look at the upper right corner for a "Page List" to drop down - a lot of pages the longer the load time. If you have visited
    before and know where you left off - just go to the last page or the one you were last on and resume reading.
    On the left margin is an index - if you click on "The Forum" you will be taken back to the old style multi-section scrolling down and clicking
    on those of interest.
    IMHO - a change that was unnecessary - something not broke needs no fixing - but then I am the 800 lb gorilla that justs like to raise a
    fussy issue over changes. You changed WHAT ? Wait till I tell Tarzan about
    this he will be swinging from the vines to rescue Jane from the multi column
    pitfall. Oh did I mention that with 3 columns the print gets smaller trying to
    squeeze into the space of one ! Before I could read this on a Tablet now I
    am going to have to get one of dem BIG HD TV screens the size of a billboard !

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