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    So, I spend all day at school from 0600-2200. I usually have to change a couple of times, but try to minimize that by monitoring fluid intake. Today,I was absolutely impressed that I did not have to change once, and that with only a few small dribbles my protection was only damp! Now I'm sitting in a stall, with a crescent shaped wet patch running front to back on the inside of the right leg of my pants and underwear. Dang leak guard failed and my bladder finally let loose. Dang it. I have one more class and a lab still to go. Five more hours, and I smell like pee (a bit).

    While I have plenty of changing supplies, and fresh protection, I neglected to put a change of clothes in the car for the week. Triple dog dang it!!! Ah well. Such is life.
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    Happens to all of us who are IC and some of us who aren't also. Yeah, fresh change of clothes is hugely important, especially if you can't go home and change.

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    Srub as best as you can with paper/water.

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    Sorry this has happened. This is the other side of all of this.

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    Yeah, you plan for all the contingencies but eventually grow just a little complacent. It wasn't a HUGE leak, and I was wearing the proper color clothing. I scrubbed the area with my wipes to kill the smell and just re-padded. I'm home a bit early (easy lab), showered and clean again. Definitely have my bag with emergency clothes next to my school bag to put in the car tomorrow morning now!

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    I hope that you do not dehydrate yourself in order to control the effluent.

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    A full change of cloths is a must for any diaper bag, leaks happen just remember to restock your packpack when you use your emergamcy change of cloths. I had a leak and had forgotten to replace my pants in my backpack that was a pain now when I restock my extra diapers I recheck what's in the backpack.

    I try to keep to dark pants this way if I have to change the replacement pants are the same colour and style of my day to day pants so no one will notice a emergancy change.

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    Leaks happen to the best of us.

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    I'm lucky with the change of clothes side as I'm a truck driver who does some nights out so I always have a change of clothes in my truck and plenty of fresh diaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenn View Post
    I hope that you do not dehydrate yourself in order to control the effluent.
    No, not really, I am a bit of a Diet Coke junkie though (and if I'm not careful I will drink them all day). I have a diet coke in the morning on the way to school, then I try to not have another before I eat lunch (too expensive here anyways). I usually have a juice-box between morning and lunch, and maybe another in the evening with a snack if I brought it. I'll drink a bit of water through the day, but only a sip or two here and there from the water fountains.

    This regimen usually minimizes changes and makes them fairly regular from day to day. And now that I think of it I had a larger fluid intake yesterday at lunch. A group of us went to the foodcourt at the mall for lunch study and I had a large (40oz?) diet coke there and not the can that I usually bring. If I had been more cognizant of that, I would have changed then. It's like drinking a ticking time bomb, it was only a matter of time.

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