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Thread: Northshore Supreme = Wide & "Stiff"

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    Default Northshore Supreme = Wide & "Stiff"

    Just a quick note about the Northshore Supreme diapers.

    Wide crotch! Which, if put on correctly, will help in adding more diaper surface area and therefore increase absorbancy capacity - which I find a very good thing.

    The one thing which sticks out with this diaper is the stiffness of the padding - IE, it doesn't easily give in to "folding up" when first closing legs together after first putting on. To me, a nice feeling as well!

    In the groin/crotch area it retains the extra wide size, to the point where it causes me to walk a little funny shortly after putting it on. Oh well, that goes away eventually after wearing and ends up creating a fold and better area for my heavy wetting (for us guys, we need that extra "cup" since we usually start with more in the front So Waddle like a baby? YES! Bulky? SOMEWHAT. Discrete, NO! Which means I only wear this at night when it is just my wife and myself. I have nocturnal euresis, and so far it hasn't gone through the test of those nights when I tend to let out A LOT more before waking.

    I am a DL, so I like this feeling and once you have it on for a while, it finally gives in, creating a nice crease and fold between the legs with the elastic gathers keeping snug around the legs for security in various positions, and most importantly, forms a good cup or "pouch" (which as a male especially, I need for night time wetting).

    If you are an AB, I think you would enjoy this for a few reasons (ok, yes some AB in me, but only when my wife and I incorporate diapers into our lifestyle!). 1) the back of the diaper has a good amount of padding and with the crotch area retraining it's wide, stiff shape, the diaper on your rear end tends to look more like a baby diaper because of the noticeable "rectangular" shaped padding in the rear; 2) the waddle 3) changing time and sometime after REALLY means you have to keep legs spread apart... for a while!

    Again, the biggest plus that I see for the wide, stiffer padding in the "between the legs area" is added absorbancy.
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    I would suggest you try the newer Supreme Lite briefs. They have the same coverage area, plastic backing and tapes as the Supreme briefs but are not nearly as bulky or stiff. Some customers say the reduction in absorbency is hardly noticeable for how much softer they are. Supreme Lite is available at

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    i personally like the stiffness and thickness of them, it makes me feel alot more protected as well as less bunching up and falling apart the padding stays where it needs to, also these things can take quite the punishment, it helps to follow the instructions to it says on the packaging to pull the diaper long ways and fold it in half this makes the diaper perfect in my opinion.

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