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Thread: which one would you prefere

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    Default which one would you prefere

    I am thinking about try either the ABU Space diaper or the Snuggies waddler overnight.
    I have read the reviews on both of them but I want to hear what your thoughts are on them and what I can expect from them.
    Thank you.

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    The Snuggies overnights have a few quality control issues related to the tapes not working very well. People seem to really like the ABU Space diaper although they are in hot demand and a bit more expensive than the Snuggies.

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    I'd say they're both priced on par with what you get. The tape issue is due to a combination of the textured front panel and the front/rear elastic. We tend to fasten diapers on so they're tight around the waist, but you just can't do that with a diaper that has front and rear elastic, unless it has really strong tapes. The constant strain of the elastic will eventually pop a tape. Bambino, AwwSoCute, Crinklz, Confidry all have a hard smooth tape panel that tapes stick really well to, so it's not so much an issue with them.

    Both of these diapers have good capacity and are quite comfortable to wear, but they have several major differences. It's a little difficult to make a good comparison between them.

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    I really like the abu space diapers, I have personally only tried 1 but i liked it enough that I will buy a case when they come available!

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    i have switched to north shore brand, abena sucks and is overrated i think they've been cutting down on pulp usage,these are thick, hold ALOT and don't fall apart like abena do after 1 wetting

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