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    Im new to being a little, ive mostly always been a DL but im embracing my AB alot recently

    im just looking for clothing advice, like i have access to sippy cups and pacis but im trying to find ways to make makeshift toddler clothing. like what kind of stuff should i wear to feel babyish, im abit weird and im not really in to character prints or onesies more just like what toddlers would wear when their parents wanna make them look nice

    about me: i am little boy, not sissy so no girly girl stuff ewww yuck and im almost 3 years old

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    If you are looking for what you should wear that typical toddlers wear, then the best way is to go to playgrounds, the toddler section of clothing stores or the local mall and look the at clothes that are being sold for toddlers to wear or toddlers are actually wearing.

    I often look at the baby/toddler clothing at Target (and other places) and think which articles of clothing I would like to wear.

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    I like some of the old baby cloths for the 40s to 50s.

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    It depends what you mean by "look nice". If you rule out character prints, onesies and play clothes like rompers, then toddler clothing isn't significantly different to adult. It's the sizing that make them look cute. T-shirts with horizontal stripes in pastel colours paired with dungarees/overalls are about the only thing I can think of that look baby-ish while meeting those criteria.

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    The thing is cartoon tees I'm wearing monster's inc move tees now.
    Love cookie monster too.
    For nite tee shirt get a size to big so it feels like I'm little kid most toddlers clothing fit a range.
    Nothing better then just running around at bed time in just your tee shirt and pamper
    At walmart and hot topic you can get cartoon tee's.
    You can get away with them.
    Elastic wast band shorts too.
    I get next size up so my shorts poof when diapered.
    Good will has some ladys shorts no fly that works looks like toddler shorts.
    Little kids clothing dont need a working fly when they are pamperd up lol
    Print patches on cargo pant's
    Kid it up a little.
    Ebay search adult baby lot's there.
    Shortal's too

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