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    I have been a dl since I was 13 but I am older now with kids and I hope to use this forum to help me cope and live with the dl lifestyle.

    Thus far the site has helped me immensely and helped me better understand myself. I look forward to learning more!

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    Hello pampererinparker and welcome to the group.

    You have definitely come to the right spot to get answers and gain an understanding to the lifestyle of paraphilia infantilism.

    So that we may get to know you better could you please take a moment to tell us a little bit more about yourself such as your hobbies or interests?

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Thanks... My main hobbies are camping, hiking and everything Colorado. I do not have a huge social media profile and I can be very quiet on line but boisterous in person. My main interest in the community is discovering things from a Christian perspective. In this journey I am trying to see where along this desire was conceived. I experienced some child hood trauma but who knows if that is related.

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    Hi and welcome! You mention kids, but don't mention a spouse or SO. Is one in the picture? How does that help/conflict with your situation? What ages are the kids (that can REALLY complicate the picture and being discrete).

    As for being Christian, there are many of us on here who are. Join the Christians group. But sometimes it seems difficult to keep a conversation going in a group context. What sort of things do you want to discuss in relation to faith issues? Ask away, and you will probably get much input from your fellow DLers here. We're a friendly group (for the most part).

    And welcome again!

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    my spouse is supportive and she understands the struggles. We are very real with each other and I am supportive of her imperfections as well. We do not role play too much but on occasion we do. Lately tho due to some stresses it is becoming more of a comfort than a sexual desire. I do feel the Lord with me through this walk and I really lean on Him for strength when I feel the timing is bad or just not for me. I rarely indulge in actually wearing but it can be more the role playing that satisfies- when sexual. My children are from 7-12 and it really does not have a affect on me as it did when I had their diaper supplies were in the house.

    I want to be the best for my family and i realize that these desires can conflict with that, thats the crux of why i joined to get insight and support. How do you join the "christian" group?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pamperedinparker View Post
    How do you join the "christian" group?
    Click here. Welcome to the site!

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    hi there! i am a 36-year-old dl in colorado springs. i noticed your post because i searched for colorado :-)

    we have a couple things in common it seems. i've been a dl since i was about 12, my wife knows and my kids don't. i don't have a traumatic background though, and i have never really tried to weigh my "unusual underwear preference" against my past or my religion. i get along pretty well with it, considering it's fairly cheap, private, and harmless compared to a lot of other stuff i've seen ;-)

    i am glad you have had a good time here at adisc, and hope to talk to you more later!

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    hey thanks for the note. If i may ask what is your religion? Living in the springs I know it can be diverse but strong towards christianity. I grew up in a non demonational christian church in near there.

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