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Thread: New to incontinence

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    Default New to incontinence

    I'm Matt and I'm new to incontinence. I would like advise about incontinence. I like horses, dogs, movies and talking walks. Several times a week I go through the horse farm and clean up the stalls. How should I manage/live with my incontinence?


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    I've been dealing with this problem for thirteen years. Just put your diaper on, and go about life. It's frustrating at times, but you will learn to cope with it as time goes by.

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    Matty sorry you are dealing with IC at a young age wearing is right some time having to wear is frustrating at times but having to wear really does not change your life a whole lot. Make sure you find proper fitting Premium diapers like dry 24/7's or northshores premium plastic backed diapers. Abena level 4 airs are ok but I prefer a plastic backed diaper.

    Wear darker pants this will help hide a leak (and the will happen) even with a premium diaper, make sure you have a well stocked back pack with you at all times that has
    At least 4 diapers
    Change of cloths
    Wipes and cream.

    I wear a dry 24/7 with my old underware over top and then plastic pants it helps with small leaks so you underware will absorb the slight leak and the plastic pants will help stop you outer pants from getting wet.

    Leaks do not happen often but when they do you need to be prepaired. Imhave been thinking about a smaller back pack with one diaper cream and wipes and maybe track pants to keep the pack light for carrying while In a mall or a walk and leave the full pack in the car.

    Remember you are not alone in dealing with IC issues and if you have any questions always ask

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    As others have implied, wear tape-on or pin-on diapers and not the pull-up style. Pull-up diapers require you to take your pants off to change and that is more inconvenient than just un-taping a wet one and putting on a dry one. Also, if you have a messy accident, most pull-up diapers do not have leak guards and you can end up with a situation that will require a lot of wiping and perhaps a clean pair of pants.

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    One thing that has not been mentioned here is tailoring what you do for management of your incontinence to your needs. Not everyone needs a premium diaper all the time. Not everyone has bowel incontinence. Is it occasional stress incontinence? Is it total loss of all control? Bladder, bowel, or both? Light incontinence won't require premium diapers to deal with, you might be able to get away with guards or pull-up style. Matty444, please give us some information on what you are dealing with and we can better help you.

    Giving advice on how to manage and live with a problem depends on the severity of that issue. If I were to tell someone I get headaches, they might suggest aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. If instead I say I get chronic cluster headaches, the equivalent of a tough migraine four times a day, every day, for the last eighteen years, then the suggestions would change.

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    Thanks for all the replies. My bladder control is gone. When I check my diaper it is soaked. I don't know if I'm checking often enough. I have noticed that sometimes when I change after I untape my diaper I end up peeing before I put on my clean diaper. Is this ok? Does this help?

    I only mess when I can't hold it anymore and I don't like messing.

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    I have been in nappies for well over two years now and have little or no bladder control. All I can say is it gets easier and becomes just a way of life. I still do everything I used to but wearing a nappy and plastic pants.

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    Why do I sometimes pee between diaper changes? Some times I end up wetting my pants. I'm just trying to understand why it happens.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I really don't have much bladder control left.

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    You may want to put the new diaper under your used diaper during changing so your pants don't get wet in the process.

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