I heard this one idea for the credit crisis that I really liked. Obama is suggesting he will create a government financed "bad bank" to buy up toxic assets. The trouble is though, those assets are toxic precisely because they are all but impossible to put a value on, so how do you sell them? More importantly, how do you as the government make sure you are being scammed? The reality is, you most assuredly will be scammed. That's why the banks created these assets in the first place, to scam people

Anyways, the idea was to instead make a number of "good banks". These would buy up the good assets that have clear values at fair prices. The existing banks would be left to die under the weight of their own cancer. The government is just harvesting the organs still good, in a sense. So you would have a "New Citi" or "New Bank of America". The old ones would die while keeping the public's hands clean, and it would teach current bank executives and traders an especially hard lesson in accountability.

Seems both effective and a politician's PR dream come true, so why is this not being talked about?