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Thread: First roadtrip while diapered

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    Default First roadtrip while diapered

    So in a few days I'm taking a roadtrip to visit family. All of my other trips I have had another family member in the car with me so ive never been diapered while on a road trip. This is my first trip where I'm going to be driving by myself. I'm very excited to finally get to be diapered while on a roadtrip. I do have one concern that I was hoping someone could help me out with who has been diapered while on a roadtrip. Where are good/private places to change? I want to be able to change out of my diaper right before I arrive at my destination.

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    Are you part of a network of gyms? They may have one at your destination and you may be able to use their change rooms - presuming that they have private ones in addition to communal ones.

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    The Walmart (Murphy oil) gas stations are a good place because they have a single bathroom. Quite frankly, any gas station, truck stop, rest area, etc will work. Are you comfortable changing in bathroom stalls while other people are coming in and out of the bathroom? If not you need to be.

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    Diapernh is correct learning how to change in smaller bathroom stalls in a busy public washroom is a must if you wear diapers. It's no big deal just rember no one really cares or will notice your changing a diaper if they do notice don't worry about it.

    The more you change in public the easier it gets I agree it's scary at first but after a few times it will become easy to change and you won't even think about it.

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    I love diapered road trips!
    But changing in relative private is always an issue.

    #1 best bet: Starbucks. Always have private rooms.

    Other good bets: grocery stores often have single lockable rooms as do certain smaller gas stations. (I've never had luck with the large scale trucker havens...their bathrooms are typically large and with divider/stalls)
    I also think newly remodeled fast food joints can be good bets. The DQs and MCDs in our area recently remodeled and while their bathrooms weren't private before, they are unisex and individual now.

    I've changed once on the side of the road in a remote area of a Utah desert. Not my ideal but I was super super wet and NEEDED a new diaper badly. I could see cars for miles in either direction though.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    I appreciate the responses guys. This has given me a few ideas of where I could stop to change. Looking forward to my roadtrip. Only 3 days left!!! Been working 10 days straight so I could be off the next 6. Again, thanks for all the suggestions.

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    I like to stop at rest areas right off the Interstate or highway. Most of the newer ones have handicap single occupancy rooms and no one questions a person with a backpack entering one. Texas has some of the nicer rest areas.

    My most favorite is traveling with a camper. Stop anywhere, change, shower, whatever in my own space. That is the most private a person can get. Also too expensive for most road trips.

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    Most Dollar General stores have single occupancy restrooms.

    That being said, when you are on a road trip you will most likely not know anyone where you are changing so just walk into a stall, change, and walk out like its nobody's business.

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    I always change in public places when I travel. Travel plazas, gas stations, McDonalds, I've done them all without any major hits! Just be aware is my advice - I was pulling a new diaper out from the back of my truck and a couple of people saw me. I also was seen throwing away by used diaper before by a worker, but he didn't say anything

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