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    Hello! My name is Sakura, I'm a 20 year old transgendered little girl. I'm diapered pretty much 24/7 by choice, am going to college in january for computer programming, and know more computer languages then i can remember, although most of those are very specialized languages such as LSL for second life and sourcepawn for tf2, which are pretty much useless in the real world. Programming is something that I love to do, and sitting on my bed, blasting music over my stereo while i have notepad++ open is one of my favorite pasttimes(diapered of course). I'm never really sure what to put in these things, so just ask? ^_^

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    Welcome to the community!

    What sort of music do you listen to? I like punk rock and alternative, myself.

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    Usually techno, or dubstep, or one of the millions of variations that dubstep seems to have. Some songs I've been listening too lately are
    Do you - Freeland,
    Lean on - Major Lazer X DJ SNAKE ft. Mě (Aero chord remix),
    Wahi Andure - Ranidu (iClown Remix),
    Baws - Ablaze

    I listen to a variety of stuff, but I really like fast beats, something upbeat, and kinda machine-y I guess

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    Welcome. Happen to like any Country Music? and it can be any version of it.. I tend to like it all.

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    In all honesty I'm not usually a country music person. There are a few songs that I like listening to if I'm with people, because singing them is fun, but I wouldn't really listen to them alone. Most country is just too slow for me, and I like things that are unique, for example, I cant remember the last time I heard a traditional instrument in the songs I listen to

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    Good Evening!
    Just me, "caitianx".
    "StacyAnn" who you just met knows me, since we chat online every so often.
    I am a retired electronics hardware tech/engineer.
    Software is not a strength for me.

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    Hi Sakura! Nice profile pic. Babyfur myself. How long have you been into this stuff? Any idea what got you started? You mention that you are transgendered. Just curious where you are in the process - HRT? Surgery? Look forward to hearing more about you.


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    I think i first found out i was little in 2007, but I've been into diapers for longer than that, and I'm not entirely sure what got me into it. As for transitioning, I'm currently on a waiting list for HRT, so I'm hopeful for that sometime in the near future.

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    And, a follow up question. What do your family and friends think about your transitioning? I hope they are supportive, or at least that you have a supportive group somewhere. Did you always know you were a girl inside? (Ooops, that's two questions).

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    My entire family is supportive, they sometimes get pronouns wrong but I haven't heard them refer to me as my birth name in a while. And I've known I've been a girl for a while, I think around the same time I discovered I was a little, around 2007 or so. Around that time was a big time of self didcovery for me.

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