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Thread: Easy solutions for using AB items in public

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    Default Easy solutions for using AB items in public

    I recently realized that concealing baby items often isn't that hard. Here's a couple of potentially useful ideas I've had.

    • Depending on the type, sippy cups can look an awful lot like regular sports bottles. Anything with a nipple is still a giveaway, and hard spouts will probably still get some weird looks, but if you have one with a soft spout (which is basically a straw) and the design isn't particularly loud or blatantly infantile, you can definitely get by using it in public.
    • If you're around strangers or in a busy public place, especially one with travelers, such as a train station or airport, you can use a pacifier and cover it with a surgical mask.

    Any other handy tips you've come up with, feedback, or opinions would be appreciated.

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    Put items on your key chain. I saw a young mother once with a small squeaky toy on hers. It was for her baby but I suppose you could say it was for your baby when it is actually for yourself.

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    Since winter will be coming, you can put all sorts of things in your pockets. You could pin a diaper pin somewhere on your clothing. I wear Baby Pants training pants for my underwear, so I'm always wearing something baby/toddlerish and no one is aware.

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    Make sure your mittens have a yarn string running through your coat.

    Winter is coming...

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