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Thread: Plucked up the courage to get Undies

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    Post Plucked up the courage to get Undies

    Well, I lied, I told my girl best friend about my interest in womans undies. I guess being a more of a feminine gay guy helped the case a little bit.
    Anyways, I gave her the money for the undies and the size needed. She come back to the car and pulls out a Bikini styled cotton green and white striped pair of undies. I instantly fell involve with them! they reminded me of smaller girls undies and my LG side jumped with joy!She also pulled out to pairs of hipster styled undies, which I must say I'm not very fond of because o the material they were made of.

    The next day, I wore the cotton undies to work, because of the nature of my work, I had to get changed into a disposable pair of scrubs. it felt kind of weird at first but I went about my business of my job most of the time feeling very self-conscious about everything down there. I finally nocked off work and went home feeling very satisfied with myself and my secret.

    I know this doesn't really bring up any topics or discussion going but i'd thought id share this little experience of mine because maybe, just maybe it could help someone out there who is struggling to find the courage to do what I did.

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    Rats you had a confederate (GF) in the act - that spoils it !
    Must gather up the gumption to go solo and through the trial and error method of
    Victoria's Secret gauntlet to find what fits and looks best.
    Don't just buy the fanciest frilliest ruffled bum laciest PINK panty* thing first in sight.
    Go to a Wal*Mart and research what fits best and get your size dimensions down to
    know the facts - start on the cheap side gradually achieving that piece de la resistance
    that will say oh so much about you even if you keep it private.
    * Oh and that word PANTY don't be shy about using it - after all it is only underwear
    worn where else but under there.
    This was written with not as an admonishment of your search for undergear that fits your
    lifestyle but to encourage others to walk the pantied life that so many others have done,
    myself included, down the other side of the department store aisle in search of that
    perfect panty the holy grail of your interior wardrobe !
    It is now the day after Halloween - so no more hiding in costume - get out
    there and show us your stuff but you don't have to show the UNMENTIONABLES ! LOL !

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    The big factor in men getting into women's panties is the HIPS.
    Use the hips as the determining factor of if the panty will fit.
    Think hour glass figure although for men it is more minute ! LOL !
    To have the panty fit at the waist it has to slip slide nudge over
    the wider hips. You are not getting it on if you can't get the panty
    over the hips. Within reason allow a tad bit of room for the elastic
    waist band to do its work. Stretch that out of shape and pull some
    stitches and you will be back to the learning board getting something
    larger. Power compression panties are great for shaping and control.

    As for the male plumbing a string thong piece of dental floss is not
    going to past muster. Get a type of panty that has something up
    front in material. Full briefs and granny panties are recommended.
    Although panties are not diapers just think how diapers are made
    with a wide crotch to gather and contain all liquid flow. Look for
    panties that have a wide crotch to contain that flexible nozzle dispenser.
    As far as the rear of the panty is concerned it could be a jockstrap
    thong construction but to enhance le butt perhaps a power compression
    type of panty might be considered controlling those dangerous curves !

    Light hearted humor is the way buying and wearing panties should be.
    Nothing serious here except the comfort factor - pinching and squeezing
    the fruit of loom is not funny.

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    It get easier with time trust me I use to be afraid to go in to Victoria's Secret now I can't stay out of there

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    I don't have a problem going into Target or someplace similar and getting panties but I have never been in a Victoria Secrets. I don't know when I will get enough courage to go there!

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    Baby Denise all you have to do is walk, in guys go in there all the time nobody cares that you're in there they just want your money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surgelover View Post
    Baby Denise all you have to do is walk, in guys go in there all the time nobody cares that you're in there they just want your money.
    True but still...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    True but still...
    Well are you a Man - A Sissy - or A Baby ?
    To a Baby it means nothing - underwear means diapers.....
    To a Sissy this is Heaven all them pretties to reveal at and the hours of mix and match with Sissy Outfits.....
    Now as for Manning UP that is something you are going to have to face if you continue to aspire to wear PANTIES.
    The first couple of times you go looking (what you are only going looking - stop wasting your time) make your visit
    meaningful and worth while buy something cheap and close to your physical measurements.
    Do some homework taking your best fitting boy briefs and measuring how the fit is:
    WAIST - elastic band at rest unstretched and how far the elastic will stretch ???
    RISE - distance from crotch bottom seam or bottom of the boy briefs to the top front waist band ???
    CROTCH - narrowest point in the crotch piece (need a bit of room here to contain little boy pieces and parts from falling out) ???
    SIDE - a thong (aka female jockstrap) doesn't have much here just a narrow waist band
    ------- a bikini doesn't have much side material either
    ------- a high leg brief will have something to measure
    ------- the full brief will have lot of material to wrap around and cup those buttocks curves
    ------- granny briefs will have ample material to leave nothing hanging out aka full coverage
    Forget the lace fancy ruffles etc. get the fit down first and then go looking for those expensive pretties that will make you oh so you
    Each step and visit will further develop your confidence to knowing what fits and works and what will work best with your Sissy Closet Wardrobe !

    Now remember this those merchants that sell Lingerie PANTIES - YES PANTIES are really concerned about their bottom line and that is not
    PANTIES but the profits from these sales. So let the sales ladies help you out - got something specific in mind color shape an outfit to pair it with
    state so - it gets easier with each visit (at least I hope it does for your sake). Major department stores sell basic PANTIES with maybe a frill or two
    a touch of lace - for more advanced delicate (oh WOW London and France) visit Victoria's Secret or a Fredrick's if you have one near by other than
    that an online search will be in order. Then there is always the Heavenly dreams of Ebay - more or less the ultimate wish book with custom made
    pretties made to your physical specs - oh that is so you perfect !

    Enjoy your PANTY search through the looking glass !
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    I really don't have a problem buying panties from Walmart or target but Victoria's secret is a different situation.
    I love wearing panties they are really comfortable and I have no problem wearing them out in public and around other people. In matter of fact I have been wearing panties all day and I plan to wear them all weekend.

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