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    Default Ruffled panties

    I love ruffled panties either plastic pants with ruffles or just panties with ruffles. On women for sure. Short baby doll and the ruffles under. Just love this look.

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    I do too, especially the panties with ruffles all the way around and not just on the rear.

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    YES - wearing all dem pretty ruffled frilly lacy panties (diaper covers) one certainly should not wear a baby doll dress gown longer in hem length than the diapered waist band !
    Must show at a minimum a HINT of baby's finest and of course this makes it easier to change diapers when that needs to be done.

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    I have a pink pair of plastic pants with ruffles all the way around them and I love to wear them over my diapers.

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    I love women in ruffly panties, too. I recently bought Walgreens brand for men (Certainty?) and they have a little ruffle feel to them. I like it!

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    I really love wearing panties with ruffles and lace either little girl panties or plastic panties over my diapers. Makes me feel so girlish and little.

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    Can't add anything else but my complete agreement here. Love the ruffled diaper covers in particular.

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