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Thread: So I woke up in a toddlerś bedroom...

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    Default So I woke up in a toddlerś bedroom...

    The walls were painted a light blue. To my left, the wall was adorned with vinyl graphics of most every Thomas train. To my right was a bookcase loaded with Dr. Suess classics. Behind me was a closet filled with toys and cases of diapers.

    All of you who get off on forced regression stories can stop salivating now. I spent the week staying with my sister´s family, which includes her not quite three year old tomboy daughter. Mom simply found it easier to get her little one to go to sleep if she laid down with her in the guest bedroom. So that meant that uncle got relegated to a blowup mattress in the little bedroom.

    But man, as an adult little boy, that room makes me jealous. It even has a cool glow in the dark vinyl graphic of a full moon. (My niece has this bedtime obsession with going out on the back deck and saying goodnight to the moon. I maintain she will one day be President of a Lunar Colony.)

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    That's really neat. It's always nice when events line up to let you enjoy things that you wouldn't normally get to experience.

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    Damn I wish 🌠 that was me 😞 so wish 🌠 that would be me and secretly diapered 😊

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    I had a similar experience when I was in college. My family went to visit my sister for the holidays and I stayed with her once the rest of my family left cause it was cheaper to just fly back to school rather than home then school.

    My nephew was 2.5ish at the time and really didn't understand the concept of time so once he was up, everyone else in the house was woken up too. I was sleeping on the couch and was the first woken up by him everyday about 5am.

    His mother told me to go sleep in his room cause he wouldn't go back into the room once he was up for some reason. So there I was at about 19, sleeping in a toddler size car bed. It wasn't too comfy but it was better than being awake at 5am.... And waking up in his room was really neat cause it had a bunch of Disney and Sesame Street characters adorning the walls along with his toys everywhere. And to add to it, I was wearing goodnites at this point in time.

    A memory that will live in my head forever.

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    I didn't just get to sleep in my nieces room this week. A number of times she invited me to play in her room. She didn't exactly have to ask twice. It was really fun watching the gears turn in her little head as we built with Duplo or wooden blocks. I tell ya, that girl is going to invent something someday that changes the world.

    But in the meantime, she melted my heart when she said I was her "best buddy in the whole world."

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    My bedroom is like 30% toddler. I have my stuffed animals, and mickey mouse bed sheet stuff, you can check my album. I can't get away with much more though =(

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    interesting and ironic kinda haha does your sister know of your desires?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TunZuhPhun View Post
    interesting and ironic kinda haha does your sister know of your desires?
    Well, it's not like either of us has broached the subject. She might have a hunch. It's just kind of a "don't ask, don't tell" deal.

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    Nice, someday I wish that I could do the same thing.

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